Monday, August 29, 2016

Two Men Brutalize and Kills a Bully, Puts Video On Snap-chat To Brag

No Dog No Matter the Reason Should Ever Face A Death As This Bully
Picture found on IBT, credited to Facebook / Hanna Gospin
Minutes before the Men Abused and Killed the Bully!
Minutes before the Men Abused and Killed the Bully!

IBT (International Buiness Times) reports, two men abused and cut the bully's throat until the dog bleeds to death. According to the report, the video was posted on Snap-chat and had made it too Facebook. Also, according to the report the men were arrested on light animal cruelty charges and is now out on bail.

 Picture found on IBT, credited to Facebook / Hanna Gospin
sick wrong killed a dog in cold

Picture found on IBT, credited to Facebook / Hanna Gospin
a killer that is sick wrong killed in cold blood
These two men are sick and wrong. They have some serious issues. There needs to be a harsher punishment for these two sickos, if not they well be doing something worse.

What makes me the mad the most is these two guys will face light animal cruelty charges despite torturing and inhumanly killing a life.The sad part, the dog must had known them well. The dog did not fight back or at least there is no signs on the men the dog tried to defend himself. Also, the dog is seen on a leash with a collar standing patiently by the guy before the men start to abuse the dog and  viciously cut his throat multiple of times before he bleeds out and died.

These two are the real scums of the earth to take advantage of a life that considers them best friends that is worthy of trusting. 

One of many reasons I am very selective of letting someone near my dogs is once they get to know a person the dogs trust, even when the person is hurting them. Now, if a stranger attempts to hurt a dog, the dog will fight back. Also, dogs will protect the pack before they protect themselves personally. That is why I have more then one dog.

These two guys are sick and wrong, along with being cowards. There needs to be prison time, a fine and community service. Also, these two men should never have a animal again, along with any person that wishes to date them should be aware of their enjoyment of killing an innocent life.

Trust is earned for humans. A dog gives trust and love as a free gift without expectations. These two men will never be trusted by some in society and hopefully will have to walk through hell's fire to prove they are trustworthy to others.

People like these two men, remind us there is still a dark and rotten part of humanity, willing to hurt the innocent and weak that cannot not defend against such brutalities. If you saw someone hurting another life on social media, would you turn them into the proper authorities, simply ignore the post, or pass the post along?

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread education and animal awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need.

Leave a comment. Does people, such as these two men make your stomach turn knowing they could be walking among us? I love hearing from you, tell me what on your mind today.

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