Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Multiple Dogs and children Rescued From a California Home

Picture found on ABC Chicago news 
Yard is just part of the filth Victorville California
Yard is just part of the filth.

Hoarding life is unhealthy as well as a cruel act! Amazing authorities discover 25 kids and  25 dogs living in terrible conditions in a home in Victorville, California (ABC news). 

According to ABC news, the children and dogs had been living in filth along with black mold for sometime. Also, authorities have been on the property prior to encourage the owner to clean up the property and house. When the authorities returned, they had CPS with them to take the children (ABC). 

According to ABC report, two puppies were found dead on the property as well. Adults fled as the authorities raided the home (ABC). Appears there were five adults that lived with the kids and stayed to face the authorities. A older women with her four adult daughters. All five have been arrested (ABC). 

I am unclear of the situation completely, yet according to the report there was drugs involved. From a quick look, this looks like a case of abuse and neglect, as well as a welfare scam. Time will tell. 

Typically people that hoard life and things have deep mental issue that must be address. Often times, the hoarder is unaware of the sickness and the abuse caused to the life he or she is hoarding. 

Whenever we see a case of someone hoarding, we must help if possible help or alert authorities, no matter if the life is furry or human. If the person is hoarding people, most likely money is the motivation and a scam is occurring. 

The sad part of this situation is the neighbors said they were relieved someone finally stepped-up and helped. I wonder how many neighbors did nothing for years thinking someone else was helping. The sad fact is most people assume someone else has helped and does nothing. No matter if lots of people turn in a situation or help, do what you can. You never know you could be the person that pushes the help in the right timing. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animal awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Have you ever heard of a case where someone was hoarding children? Leave a comment. Tell me what on your mind.

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