Friday, September 9, 2016

27 Emaciated Pit Bulls Have Hope, Still Need Help

"UPDATE Emaciated Pit Bulls Getting Care at San Jacinto Valley Animal Cam..."

Picture found on Life with Dogs, 
credited to (Photo: David Bauman, Staff Photographer/Press Enterprise)
Never keep animals that cannot not be fed or cared for proper
Never keep animal s that cannot not be fed or cared for proper!

Life with Dogs (LWD) reports, twenty-seven emaciated Bullies where rescued from a home in Riverside County, California from a property called Lake Mathews. When the twenty-seven Bullies were rescued, authorities found eleven more dead covered in trash and debris (LWD). 

Life with Dogs reports, the Bullies are being cared for at  San Jacinto Animal Shelter, until they can find foster homes or a  proper shelter to care for the dogs. San Jacinto Animal Shelter is very temporary. The dogs need rescue groups to help find them foster homes, until they are ready to be in forever homes.

Everyone is pleading for more time for the Bullies to be able to find temporary homes. The shelter where they are located has a short euthanasia policy. We need to put a end to kill shelter to give Bullies in great need a second chance. 

Yes, some of the Bullies that were rescued do have some trust issues and need to be trained to socialize with others. No matter the case, fearful or being protective due to the long abuse endure, all the dogs deserve a chance at real love, care, and happiness. 

 All the dogs were eager for care and attention. When you watch the video, look at the Bully's happy tail while they cut her nails.  The bully's look is only of uncertainty of the future not unkindness. 

I am amazed how well all the Bullies are behaving, since they have not seen love or proper care for some time.

I imagine these Bullies have a higher purpose to fill. Perhaps, some can become service dogs. One thing for sure, all of them will serve a lesson why we must never hoard life. If we witness a hoarder, we must turn them into the proper authorities for the sake of the hoarder and the lives that are being hoarded.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for the dogs in need, plus these twenty-seven Bullies. 

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Video credited to RivCOanimalsPIO, found on YouTube

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