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30 Day Challenge, Dogie Yoga To Relieve Personal Stress

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Yoga is great for both person and furry love one
Yoga is great for both person and furry love one.


Day Six: A Day to Rest

Picture created by Eve Hoffman 
The biggest stretch I plant to do today says sir duke ditto replies Bojangles
"This is the biggest stretch I plan to do today", says Sir. Duke.
"Ditto", Replied Bojangles 

Every activity that includes training and exercise requires a day off. The boys where not in the mood to dogie yoga. So, we took the day off. Sometimes when the boys are growing, all they want to do is lay around and dogie nap.

Also, five days in a row is good for Sir. Duke's and Bojangles's first time at dogie yoga. I figure they would had wanted to rest a few days into the challenge. The fun part is to see what we can do each day.

Let's see what today brings. It is Friday, been a long week A simple mediation or yoga maybe in order for day six.. The great thing about Yoga, there is no strike rules. No pushing beyond limits. Enjoying the process is how a person or animal takes advantage of the yoga benefits.

Yoga is great method to slow down and enjoy a moment in the simplest form. The bonus is the deep bond that achieved with our furry love ones.


Day Five: Downward Facing Dog, Sir. Duke style.  

The boys again were happy to stretch on their own. With my bad headache, I was happy to meditate with them and watch them yoga.

The boys enjoy the attention, massages, and some of the stretches. Getting either one on their back takes the boys to volunteer. Of course, having them volunteer is much better, since being on their backs is a submissive position to the dogs.

The boys seem to be listening a little better. They seem to stay closer to me as well. I wonder what mood Sir. Duke or Bojangles will be in the mode for day six.

Have you given dogie yoga a try? If so, how was the dog with dogie yoga? A natural or needed directions? Leave a comment, tell me what is on your mind.



Day Four: The dogie super man with quiet mediation. 

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
the dogie super man
The Dogie Super Man!
Bojangles favorite pose.  He could hold this pose for hours

The boys were happy to perform their own dogie yoga for day four. Bojangles started and ended his day with dogie super man. He held the position roughly 30 minutes each time. As well, he performed his upward and downward dogie throughout the day.

I notice Bojangles is growing as well. He stretches more often and takes more dogie naps. Also, he favors the dogie super man.

Also, Bojangles enjoys the meditation aspect of dogie Yoga. Quiet moments are great for the boys, as well as for me.

Research says, massages and dogie yoga are great for the immune system and healing. Bojangles is doing great so far on his heart worm treatment. He has another round of treatment next month,  starting on the 15th. After the last treatment, Bojangles will be done with the treatment for the year. Next year in February, we will have another checkup to see if the heart worms are gone.

As normal, Bojangles will eat well, be massaged, and  exercise with dogie yoga. Soon when he is done with treatment and the cooler weather is here, Bojangles will take short walk as well. Due to the heart worm treatment Bojangles has been restricted from activities.

Of course, he breaks the rules of no playing a few times a day with Sir. Duke and Kujo. Bojangles is smart. He will stop playing when he needs to rest. So, I allow him to be a puppy, despite his treatment. Why treat Bojangles if he is going to be restricted and not able to act like a puppy, as well as enjoy life.

Every morning I say, "Welcome to another brand new day Bojangles. Thanks for allowing me the privilege to be in your life".

Come what may. Life is in constant flux. The sweet moments do not last forever. People, animals, bugs, places, and things are temporary. The secret is to appreciate all great moments, remain in the present, learn from the dark moments, and let go what or who is not controllable.

Let's see what mood the dogs are in on day five.


Day Three: Stretching Sir. Dukes back legs. 

Every day will be different. There will be good days, bad days, and days when nothing happens. As you can see in the video the stretch and length of time depends on the mood of the dog.

Sir. Duke still has six and half months of growing. He will start to widen out when he turns three. Stretching is not Sir. Duke's thing.

Unlike Sir. Duke, Bojangles is natural at dogie yoga. Bojangles started his day out with a downward and upward facing dog. Plus, he posed the super man, while we both woke up this morning beside me. Bojangles did his morning Yoga on his own without me asking.

Of course, Sir Duke woke up the same as always. Holding onto me. I normally wake first, pet, and rub him, give a kiss, in which he turns into a ten to 20 minute make-out session. Then, I get out of bed. Sir. Duke stays in bed for a while, only to drop out of bed, lay on the autumn, place his head on me, and fall back to sleep. My boy could sleep and snuggle the day away. He is not a personality that enjoys active activities.

Stretching is good for Sir. Duke growing muscles. Each day we will look forward to something new, accept Sir. Duke's mood, and allow him to lead what he wants or enjoys stretching.

Sir. Duke is a great example listening and understanding the dog is key when working or training him or her. Watch how Sir. Duke allows a few stretches, then he asked me to stop. He gently pick my hand off of him and gave me a look that hurts, no more. I could had scolded him, yet that would do no good for him or I.

If we scold a dog for giving us a warning to stop, the dog will learn not to warn. The dog will bite and say no that hurts with a bite rather then a gentle pick a hand up, with a mean please stop. Yes, I have to admit when the dogs say no I take a second look to see all the body language that comes with the request. If we learn what each fine detail means, even down to how the tail is moving, we will learn to communicate and avoid accidents that can be both heartbreaking to the pet parent as well as the pet.

I am not surprise my Sir. Duke can communicate his wishes, since I have taught him to stand-up for himself in a respectful manner. I have had some kind of Bully breed since the early 90's. One thing I have learned the most is respect and listening is a two-way street. A Bully will listen to a person as great as they are listen too and respected.


Day Two: Dog Standing. 

Dogie standing is a great way to stretch the whole body including toes. Bojangles will hug back and stretch his arms as far as possible. I normally can do this stretch a few times before Bojangles becomes bored.


Day One:

I am having fun discovering different methods to include Sir. Duke and Bojangles in yoga positions. Also, the boys are enjoying the stretches. Perhaps, today I will film us on one of our new yoga stretches. 

I find working with Bojangles is easy. He is always willing to stretch on his own and with me. Sir. Duke is willing and easy as well. One exception is Sir.Duke feels like a workout with weights. I have had Sir. Duke since he was six weeks old. So, he is willing to stretch with me with a little warm-up. Sir. Duke does not mind relaxing, as well as letting me to do all the work. 

Stretching is great for the boys' growing muscles. Also, they sleep better last night. I notice they only barked when needed when they got the extra attention. Plus, I feel more relaxed as well.

Day one is proving yoga with the dogs has benefits. I am finding that doing a yoga position a few times a day is best. The length of the hold depends on the dogs' mood and abilities. 

The great aspect is Bullies are natural at yoga, as well as enjoy stretching.

Picture Eve Hoffman 
Dogie corpse pose is great for a whole body stretch
Dogie corpse pose is great for a whole body stretch!

All my life I have dealt with extreme stress of some kind. The madness started when I was four when my father decided to make crimes a career choice. As an adult, I carry my stress with me. 

Recently, another extreme stressful event occurred. Of course, I look at what I was eating to see why I had broke out in hives. After a few days of meditation, I realized my skin trouble came from stress.  

I know yoga has always helped me in the past to help focus and relieve tension, as well as stress. Then my next thought, why not include the one family member that always provides company without stress. Also, just as giving the dog a massage, yoga has benefits. 

So, I went searching. I found this great video by "The Pet Collective Cares" giving a example of a simple pose that helps to stretch the dog. The pose is great way to relax, while building a bond with the dog. A dog must trust a person and be willing to submit to such a pose. 

For the next 30 days, I am going to challenge myself to learn one pose a day with Sir. Duke or Bojangles. If you like to join me, I will post daily the new yoga pose. Also, I will let you know how the stress, as well as my skin fairs during the challenge. We will see lots of benefits when we are done with the challenge. Join me if you simple would like a deeper bond that will help with training as well.

I have giving up lots of food for my skin breakouts without success. I have never really address my stress. I have always felt my stress is a beast that I have no idea where it comes from or how to control it. Perhaps, now, I can let go of both thoughts, as well as the stress in this 30 day challenge. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animal awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment. Is stress a bother to you. Would you like to bond with your furry love one. Tell me what is on your mind.

The Pet Collective Cares

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