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Another Football Player From Missouri State University Abuses a Dog that Bleeds For Two Days Before Help Arrived

Breck Bruddick needs to be brought to justice

Picture created  to Shelby Filbeck on Facebook
damage done by Breck Brudick
Damage cause by Breck Bruddick

Video created by Eve Hoffman

All actions have positive and negative results. Of course, the negative produces ill results. Breck Bruddick got a lesson in anger management and lying. 

The Big Lead reports, Bruddick has been suspending for Missouri state after the coach learned of Bruddick's cruel actions on Luca. This a great first step. Let's sign the petition to insure this suspensions is permanent. 

No many athletes are behaving badly off the field. We need to stop Bruddick to control this growing trend.

Being in the public eye, as well as in a position of admiration, respect of life is the one important characteristics that should always be present. There are young fans that are looking to athletes for guidance and how life should be lived. When we bring justice for Luca, we provide a service to all past, present, and future that cannot defend themselves or have a voice. 

Time for the Sports world from elementary, high school, college, and professional to focus on training the players off and on the field. Also, coaches need to developed a system to only allow the best and worthy of being a role model to play. Furthermore, coaches no matter the level from elementary to professional need to raise the standards.

Standards should include:

  1. Great grade
  2. Good GPA average
  3. Good study habits
  4. Community service
  5. Moral and respectfully views on life in general
  6. Discipline ( or willing to learn)
  7. Understand there is winners and looser. Learn lesson why the team lost, as well as winning.
  8. Awareness and understanding the responsibilities of being a athlete, known or unknown. 
  9. Honestly 
  10. One ill offense to life or humanity, the player is out.

Picture created  to Shelby Filbeck on Facebook
Saying Bruddick lost his cool is a understatement. This occurred with one hit.
Saying Bruddick lost his cool is a understatement. This occurred with one hit. 

Standards need to lifted. Coaches are able to achieve a higher standard. Players look up to and respect coaches. Being respectful and kind in this life should be part of any well-rounded training. We not only train for a particular task, yet we train for life as well. 

Also, how sad, Luca thought of Bruuddick as a trusted friend. Bruddick is another example of why we only let people alone with our dog that has no potential chance of harm. To my opinion, no one outside of myself qualifies.

According to News leader there is some mixed truth with lies in Bruddick abuse. Well, let's investigate and allow the truth to be revealed. One truth is for sure, Bruddick was responsible to care for the dog. Luca never had ran off in the past. No matter how Luca jaw was broken, the damage was done while Bruddick was pet sitting. Hopefully, a honest witness will be able to bring justice for Luca and reveal the truth.

The reports of Bruddick volunteering at any animal shelter is not impressive, since we have other organizations such as Happy Ending Rescue and PETA abusing, abandoning, and failing to help the animals they claim to have a passion to save. Until there is substantial evidence, Bruddick is guilty.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Do agree with the coaches decision of suspended Bruddick? Leave a comment, tell me what is on your mind.  

Petitioning Dave Steckel, Missouri State University

Give Luca a Voice

Petition by Tabi Jost
Florissant, Missouri

petition to have Breck Ruddick removed from the Missouri State University football team

This is a petition to have Breck Ruddick removed from the Missouri State University football team. 
Ruddick was someone Katie trusted. He had watched her dog before and she had spent a good amount of time with Breck as friends. She never thought leaving her 42 pound Australian Shepherd with Breck, a 200+ pound MSU football player, would lead to this. After "losing his cool" and hitting poor Luca, breck then led him outside and let him run off, all alone and bleeding profusely to try and cover up what he had done. Breck told Katie that "Luca had ran off" and she spent the whole night looking for her dog.
The next day, a girl saw Katie's post on Facebook and explained that she had found Luca in a parking lot covered in blood. The girl was nice enough to take him home and attempted to clean him up. When he was returned to Katie, the next day, he was STILL bleeding. He was then rushed over to the vet where they found that his jaw had been shattered and molers had all been fractured. After a 4 hour surgery, Luca had 6 teeth extracted and many sutures after the vet tried to fix the damage Breck had inflicted. 72 hours later Luca was stable enough to return home with Katie.
He will remain on an oatmeal based diet and likeley have a lot of work to do by way of tusting humans again. It was the vet's professional opinion that Luca had to have been hit more than one time with all of Breck's force or with another object to have caused that much trauma
The Springfield police referred Katie to animal control where she is attempting to pursue charges but the outcome of that is still undecided. Missouri State University backed head football coach Dave Steckel in his decision to suspend Ruddick from an upcoming game but that is not near enough. In no world should someone get just "a slap on the wrist" for an unprovoked beating of a defenseless animal.
If you feel as we do, that Breck Ruddick does not deserve the privledge of representing Missouri State University's athletic program, please sign and share this petition for his immediate removal from the team.

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