Thursday, September 1, 2016

Be Aware Who You Let Near The Dog, Could Be Life or Death....

No one comes near my dogs!

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
trust is earned yet bullies trust until there is abuse or death
Trust is earned!

Today I read a report on Facebook and on Sureawrsomeness about a guy's in-laws that took his Bully and tied the dog to a pole at a 99 cent store with a bag of food and left. Time the guy figure out what had happen, the dog was gone. According to the investigation either someone rescued the dog or the dog was hit by a car and died (Sureawesomeness). 

Picture credited to Chrissy Tina Cecil 
faithful dog waited even when he could leave
Faithful Bully, named Tyson.  He waited even after his leash was severed!

The sad aspect of this act was the in-laws did this cruel act because they did not like the dog. I suspect they do not like the guy as well. 

I have never let all members of family, friends or in-laws near my dogs. All dogs trust their pet parent and who are associated to the pet parent. 

I have heard of cases where people are killed along with the dog easily due to the dog knowing the killer. Also, most crimes seems to be from people we know. 

Once I was told to be careful who I make eye contact with, because I could be looking into my killers eyes. Well, I say be careful who we allow in our homes, you never know what killer you may had just invited in.

I have always wanted a sign beware of owner, because the first thing I do is lock my dogs in the house if a stranger or someone I know comes around. I know my dogs are very protective of me, but I am more so of them. 

People can be hateful, including the ones we are related too. I am appalled that the article did not include charges to the family members that took the dog and abandon the dog in front of the 99 cent store. 

I imagine the relationship has been broken, or at least I hope so. I know all in-laws would be out-law from my house. These people brought a new meaning to Monster-n-Law.

Cases such as this remind me to keep people away from my dogs, specially the ones I know. Due to my dogs being trained, most people do not want to be near my dogs anyways. I find a trained dog with just the basic, will set fear in people in general, because no one needs to train for protection. Dogs that are properly trained naturally protect. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animal awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Did you know that a dog will not fight back with someone they know and trust? Leave a comment let me know what is on your mind. 

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