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Growing Pains Brings Special Love, As Well As Treatment and Hand Feeding

Sir. Duke is a large growing puppy

Picture Created By Eve Hoffman 
Spoiled or loved a good pet parent knows kindness as well as care is love
Spoil or loved?
A good pet parent knows kindness, as well as care is
I have had Sir. Duke since he was roughly six weeks old. He has relied on me for everything. Such as, self confidence, protection from my other large dogs, how and what to eat, as well as basic medical care and training. The one aspect I have done since he was a baby is hand feed Sir. Duke.

I read years ago that hand feeding our furry loved ones is a great method to create a deeper bond, helps training be easier, as well as lets the dog or puppy know they eat only what is given. Mashing a dog or puppy in his or her own urine or feces does not potty train and in most cases teaches the puppy or dog urine and feces is what you want them to eat.

At the end of March 2017, Sir. Duke will be three years old. I have hand fed him about 2 1/2 years now. Sir. Duke loves food. I even potty trained Sir. Duke through hand feeding him treats after he went outside to take care of dogie business and not in the house.

When I first started hand feeding Sir. Duke, helping him eat was a must. He was very small. All his parts were smaller than the palm of my hand. He was just learning what solid food was, as well as the ones he enjoyed and ones he thought not so much. All his puppy mates were gone, and he was left with older dogs that had no interest of showing him the ropes of life. Matter of fact, the other dogs' attitude was, great another puppy.

The older dogs were tough on Sir. Duke until he got to about 50 lbs, then the table turned and Sir. Duke gain the respect he deserved. Of course, with me there the whole time, letting the older dogs know to be respectful in telling Sir. Duke their views of the house rules.

So, what Sir. Duke missed out with his litter mates, I have tried to makeup with love and care. Each time Sir. Duke grows, in which is daily , he will ask me to feed him. He will sit proudly with his head-up high and shake is head no if I attempt to force him eat out of the class dish.

At first, I hand fed Sir. Duke with my fingers. Then I realized he can eat with a fork or spoon, so he graduated to using utensils. If Sir. Duke is not hungry or willing to eat, no matter how I ask, he will say no. Sir. Duke will put his head up in a nope, not interested fashion and walk away if I persist.  

Sir. Duke knows when to eat verses when to take a break. He is pushing 105 to 110 lbs and is still growing. Sir. Duke rarely takes a moment off from eating. Yet, when he does, the same as any good parent, I check him out, rub his belly, and keeps a eye on him.

Also, Sir. Duke will not eat out of anything that is not glass and clear. Perhaps, that is because that is all I eat out from. Also, the older dogs made sure Sir. Duke understood eating out of their stainless steel bowls was against the house rules. Each dog has their own bowl, as well as space, both at breakfast and dinner. The only thing they share is a water bowl.

Yes, I know some trainers and expert say to have private water bowls as well. Well, that is good when a person has the space and lives in a place that has more rooms than dogs. I have found my dogs do not mind sharing fresh water. I do have to fill the water bowl a few times a day with five large dogs. Yet, filling and cleaning the water bowl throughout the day is a great. Only a lazy pet parent would disagree.

I was told, I spoil Sir. Duke by hand feeding him still to this day. Do you agree I am spoiling Sir. Duke? Or Do you agree with me, I am simply being a good pet parent and meeting Sir. Duke's growing needs?

Tell me what is on your mind. Leave a comment.

I am new at making videos. I appreciate the support through the learning process. Perfections is not my goal or focus. Having fun, spreading animal education and awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need is my focus.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need.

Be sure to watch the video to discover what special aspect a person gains by hand feeding our furry loved ones. I look forward to your thoughts and comments. Have a great day!

Watch Sir. Duke get hand fed. These days this seems to be the norm.

Video created by Eve Hoffman

Video created by Eve Hoffman /

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