Monday, September 26, 2016

Shelter Dogs Saving Inmates While Waiting For A Forever Home

"Inmates and dogs train and bond in jail"

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Programs across the USA have been helping humanity, as well as a dog in need for years.
Programs across the USA have been helping humanity, as well as a dog in need for years.

For several years, even a few decades, shelter dogs have been utilize to rehabilitate people that have broken the law, as well as receive basic training to become more adoptable.

All jails and prisons should have a program to help the local shelters, as well as help the inmates. Society, as well as the dogs, gain endless positive outcomes when both help each other in time of need. 

Both dogs and prisoners gain confidence and much needed training. In some cases both find and learn love for the first time. Also, both inmate and dogs receive skills to face a unknown future with hope, skills, and endless possibilities. 

Countless shelters dogs have been saved and place in forever homes due to dog and inmate programs across the USA. Towns and cities have seen increasingly less inmates returning to jail or prison after successfully completing a program with a shelter dog.  

Another benefit to both the dog and the inmate is both learn much needed social skills. When the shelter dog gets extra attention, love, and training adoption becomes more appealing for the dog. Often times, the inmates needs to teach basic indoor potty rules and basic training, such as sit, stay, and lay down. While the inmate trains the dog, he or she is learning valuable managing skills as well.

Being around a loving and patient life, such as a shelter dog, does indeed inspire inmates to change and reach their best in life as well. The shelter dogs help restore hope and balance to most of the inmates.

All dogs, including the Bully breed serve a higher purpose. Just getting organized and seeing the blessing are the key to utilizing life for the best. 

All animals, specially shelter animals have a gift of healing even the worse in our society. Also, all dogs want a propose. The dog inmate programs often times helps provide a temporary much needed home, while satisfying a purpose for the dog. The bonus is the dog helps set a person on a positive path, as well as teach kindness and empathy. 

Miracles happen when we allow humanity to heal along with a animals that has been neglected.  

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Do you agree shelters dogs and inmates can help each other? Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. 

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