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Veterinarian caught abusing patients

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Vet caught on several videos choking  the furry ones he suppose to provide care.
Vet caught on several videos choking  the furry ones he suppose to provide care.

Disappointing to learn a vet has caused harm over being loving. We live in times humanity darkest aspect cannot hide. Too many cameras with people that care about the voiceless and the defenseless. reports, a vet name Dr. Larry Caven, President, College of Veterinarians of Ontario has been caught choking and abusing the animals he is paid to provide medical service. 

Dr. Caven has been abusing his clients for years. No disciplinary action so far as stopped his rain of terror. His license has been suspended several times for past abuse to his patients.  As soon as the pet parent is out of sight, Dr. Caven takes the animal in the back, chokes and abuses the animal. 

Due to the overwhelming amount of videos that exposed Dr. Caven cruel act from his techs, he is facing a fine of 10,000 USA dollars, as well as retraining classes,  and will be subjected to three surprise inspection. This is a great start. Yet, this punishment is not effective. Dr. Caven license has been suspended on several occasions for animal abuse. So, far nothing has stopped Dr. Caven. What will stop him is to have his license permanently revoked.

When we bring our love one to the doctor, we expect respect, care, and common curiosity for life, not abuse.  If the patients were children, Dr. Caven would no longer be able to practice. We need to stand up to Dr. Caven and help revoke his license. We need to speak up for the voiceless and the innocent that the politicians and medical board refuse too. 

Being in the medical world,  regardless if the patient is an animal or human, trust is the only thing of value. If we allow Dr. Larry Caven to continue his practice, we break the trust for all who seeks medical attention. 

Please consider joining me to let the medical world know that all lives matter and should be treated with kindness and respect, no matter how sick the patient is or of the patient is human or animals. After all we are all animals, as well need help from time to time.

Target: Dr. Larry Caven, President, College of Veterinarians of Ontario
Goal: Don’t allow veterinarian found to have choked and hit pets to continue practicing.
A veterinarian has had his license suspended after being found guilty of repeatedly abusing animals brought into his clinic. Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi was allegedly recorded hitting and choking animals at Skyway Animal Hospital in St. Catharines, Ontario. After his staff recorded this abuse and brought it to the veterinary licensing authority, he was only given a slap on the wrist for his deplorable actions. Not only this, but he will be allowed to reduce his suspension to six months upon completion of a short retraining program.
According to reports, veterinary technicians at the clinic recorded 12 separate videos of Rekhi abusing animals for no reason after taking them out of sight of their owners. After these videos were forwarded to the College of Veterinarians of Ontario, he was found guilty of professional misconduct. He will be made to take a retraining class, pay the college $10,000 in fines, and his practice will be subject to three unannounced inspections over the two year period after he regains his license.
Pet owners trust that veterinarians have the best interest of the animals that they treat at heart. Just as a doctor found to be abusing human patients would have his license revoked, this veterinarian should never be allowed to practice again after being found guilty of this type of shocking abuse. Sign the petition below to denounce this lax punishment and demand that Dr. Rekhi has his license revoked completely.
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Leave a comment. Does Dr. Caven's action make you want to stay with your love one during medical care? Does his actions make you mad knowing that money talks over proper disciplinary?  Tell me what on your mind. 

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