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Who is best to be the Leader of America, As Well As For the Animals, Domesticated or Wild

Who is best for all?

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Who is going to protect the voiceless, the underdog, and all the animals?
Clinton has history of not helping, even women. 
Obama has been know to eat and do unspeakable sex acts to animals, yet he was elected. 
Trump has no history. The one thing that may go against him is his son's lust for hunting for fun. 

As politics heats up, lots of issue from minor to large starts to surface. When voting, the vote counts for the voiceless, less brave, the underdog, and all the creepy crawly and furry animals. Understanding where each candidate thoughts and actions is headed is very critical, so we may avoid another mistake, such as Obama.

Obama openly lies, while feeling no remorse due to his beliefs. When Obama first was elected, life appear to have hope. There was a fresh new face in office. The rising hope of overcoming race issues was on the rise. The voiceless for a moment thought they may be heard. The underdog felt there was a fighting chance at the American dream, the pursuit of happiness. Perhaps, if animals could talk, they may wonder why people are so blind to the real evil of the world. One answer is, people are easily pursued by a well groomed, people pleasing phesaude act. Obama plays off of people needs and desire to meet his own agenda. He has no respect for life. Obama clearly answers to power and greed.

Hilary Clinton is a mirror reflection of Obama. She supports bills that protect the voiceless, underdog, and the animals only to not support the program later with founding. Also, Clinton only supports, women, children, creepy crawlies, and the animals when the cause meets Clinton personal agenda. Clinton only does charity out of the desperate need of money. When her and Bill left the office when he was president, they were flat broke is why they started a charity foundation called  " The Miller Center Foundation". 

Personal agenda appears to be the drive for Hilary Clinton, not the greater good. Of course, most politicians are driven by some personal need of power, lust, or greed. What the underdog ,voiceless, domesticated and wild animals, as well as the creepy crawlies need is a president that will stand up for what is right, match the promise words into action, protect rights and freedoms, honor the amendments and constitution, as well as, be open to all possible positive changes. So, far Clinton has failed on all. 

Clinton failed to stand up for a girl that had been raped brutally, she helped to pass protection for animal and then fails to support, she lies about her emails and the Benghazi issue, taking rights away from Americans (health care act), wants to remove the first and second amendment, openly disrespects the amendments and constitution, as well as, only does what is right when forced.Clinton is open to change only when the change meets her personal greedy agenda. 

Throughout the few decades of being able to help and change laws to protect the voiceless, Clinton has passed three bills:
  1. Senate Bill 311, a ban on the transport, possession, purchase, and sale of horses to be slaughtered for human consumption. This resolution passed and was made into law in April 2007.
  2. Senate Bill 394 in which required the humane euthanasia of livestock too sick or injured to walk, as well as strengthened penalties for violations of the Humane Slaughter law. This eventually passed and was made into law in March 2009.
  3. Senate Bill 261 in which would establish felony-level penalties for violations of the federal law on dog fighting, cockfighting, and other animal fighting. This bill passed and was signed into law in March 2007. 
Clinton failed to support Senate Bill 714, in would prohibit the use in research of dogs and cats are obtained through random sources, which can include theft of family pets and fraudulent response to “free to good home” ads.

I have to admit, I am happy and please Clinton supported and help pass Senate Bill 261. Yet, she clearly is not consistent at protecting the life that needs a good leader. 

I wish Trump had more history.The same as all great business men, Trump has had his success and failures. Failing at adventures is positive, specially for Trump. Trump clearly learns from his failed adventures and applies the lessons to the next big success.

There are few downside to Trump. He shoots from the hip.  Even though he speaks the truth, Trumps manners can be harsh. Another big downside is Trumps wife.

Trump's foreign wife makes my soul cringe when she speaks. She shows her lack of intelligence every time. What makes Trump's wife scary and harmful to Trump is every great person there is a wonderful partner behind the scenes supporting, as well as providing loving advice. Also, why would Trump's wife steal Michelle Obama's speech. So, sad. I wonder does Trump's wife reveal the weak side of Trump. I know some consider Trump's wife a trophy wife. If that so, Trump,  please keep her quite.

Trumps wife poses like a professional trophy wife
Trumps wife poses like a professional trophy wife. 
Picture credited to www.bostonherald.com

The other aspect that hurts Trump is his son's openly enjoying hunting wild life, such as lions, elephants, and bears. Appears Trump' sons hunt despite Trurmp not into hunting himself. I read a article that almost sounded as if hunting was one of those things kids do to annoy the parent. No matter the reason,Trump's sons' desires to hunt is a bad sign that Trump may not be there for the underdog, voiceless, creepy crawlies, and domesticated or wild animals in time of need. Could Trump pass a law protecting wild life, despite his sons' hunting desires? Will he make the best choice for the greater good, even if the actions are not in favor of his family, friends, partners ( personal and business), and the dark aspect of politics. 

Breaks my heart to see Trump sons proud of killing a life for fun
Breaks my heart to see Trump's Proud of killing a life for fun!
Picture provided by www.dailymail.co.uk

One thing is certain, we do not need more of Obama. Rumors have said Obama is trying to take over American and become the leader through Martial law. I so hope not. We need change. Real fresh change that is willing to get dirty for the greater good. 

If Hilary Clinton is elected we will have the same old stale dirty politics. She has been open about supporting all of Obama's past and current actions. Also, Clinton plans on keeping most of Obama's goals. We have been down a long and tiring road with Obama. USA is in the worse debt ever. All of Obama's and Clinton's lies for the past eight years are being revealed by the results of their actions. 

There is a need for change. I am still sitting on the fence post  for Trump, The one major aspect I like about Trump is he speaks his mind. Trump speeches seem sincere and not written to lure votes, but to create real change. If I knew Trump would stand up and do what is right for all life, including the wild life, I would support him 100%.  I want a President that will support the underdog, ease the race tension, help build a strong economy, respect the green, as well protect our freedoms that life has to offer. 

Time will tell what candidate meets my requirements. What I desire is very common. We  live in a sad world when the top aspect a person wishes from a president is a honest one. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Did you know politics and who is elected can profoundly affect all of life in a positively or negativity, including the Bully breed?

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