Monday, October 17, 2016

A former ECU Football Player Darius Commissiong is Charged with Animal Cruelty

Another innocent life lost due to an anger football player. 

Picture found on WITN News
zero tolerance of abuse Darius Commissiong
Zero tolerance for abuse!

According to the WITN News, Darius Commissiong is charged with animal cruelty after the police found his girlfriend's small Shih Tzu , beaten to death by Commisssiong during a fight with his girlfriend. See News report here

WITN News also reports, Commisssiong has been removed from the football team, as well has been expelled from the university after being arrested. Wonderful to see the college has taken proper actions to bring justice for this Shih Tzu. 

Futhermore, according to WITN report, "A necropsy on the dog was performed today and found that the animal had multiple hemorrhages of the skin and body, three freshly cracked ribs which resulted in a collapsed lung, hemorrhaging in the abdomen, hemorrhaging in the left eye, and hemorrhaging in the brain. Police say the dog also had its liver torn in several pieces because of trauma, several fractured teeth and a complete fracture of a femur." This Shih Tzu fought back, as well as died a painful death.

I am amazed at how a person could takeout so much on such a small life, such as a Shih Tzu. Clearly Commissiong has some anger management issues that must be address. The Shih Tzu is a great example, no life wants to die at the hands of mankind. Even the smallest will fight back.    

The punishment is a little better in this case. According to WITN News report, the crime is listed under a "H" felony. Commissiong  is facing 39 months in prison, as well as a 10,000 dollar fine. I hope the judge orders counseling to help manage Commission's anger issues as well. 

There should be a zero tolerance to animal and domesticated abuse from athletes. Commissiong may had a promising career in sports. However, with his latest action that caused a life to suffer and die, so should any possibility for Commissiong in sports should parish as well. 

No matter the dog, from small to extra large should never face abuse from a person for any reason. The saddest and sickest abuse comes from a person that harms to hurt another, such as Commissiong wanted to hurt his girlfriend. 

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