Monday, October 31, 2016

A Scary Bully Day!

Happy Bully Halloween

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Let's take a nap and meditate and say we dressed-up for Halloween!
Let's take a nap and meditate and say we dressed-up for Halloween!

Halloween is not one of Sir. Duke or Bojangles favorite holidays. The boys prefer holidays, such as Thanksgiving that bring great sales on a variety of delicious meats, especially turkey. The boys find trick or treaters are a threat that are trespassing on their property. Plus, no one comes to the property all year. For the boys, being Halloween is no excuse to start visiting. Also, people with mask or customs are not to be trusted according to my dogs, after all they are attempting to hide his or her true self. 

I have notice over the years of observing dogs, they do not care for items that block a persons eyes, facial expressions, or body language. I honestly cannot blame them to have distrust in humans that dress up, even for holiday events. After all dogs rely on nonverbal communication to learn what the sounds we make actually mean. Also, dogs make a faster connection with communication when visual cues are clear and available.

I find it odd myself when adults chose to wear or a mask to run around his or her daily routine on Halloween without a purpose. The people that tend to play dress-up on Halloween without a party, work, or personal gathering involved seems not to always be sound minded. For example, I notice my dogs said nothing to the kids as they left for school in their cute costumes this morning. However, when the local (older, late 40's, that love to mumble to himself ) guy that hangs out in the hood rode by on his bike with a white mask on, my dogs surely let me know. Perhaps, it is the mask, or simply my dogs know this guy is shady and not to be trusted.

Since my husband and I do not have traditional children, we simply stay home, make a good dinner, find a great scary movie, and keep the porch light off. No need to upset the dogs. Thankfully, I live in a neighborhood most of the people go to a party, a neighborhood in which is perceived to have more money and possible better treats, or public event to celebrate Halloween. I normally never see children, just adults or teenager looking for some Halloween fun in my neighborhood. So, no one is missing treats or tricks at my house. Halloween is simply another day and night for the Hoffman family.

Dogs are very intelligent and not easily conned. Unlike People that attempt and successfully hide things from another person, dogs cannot be fouled. Perhaps, because dogs do not judge. Dogs simply see how life is, not what they wish. No matter how a person tries, even with the best of customs, a person cannot hide the true spirit or intent from a dog. 

Happy Bully Halloween. Do you dress your furry loved ones and take them trick or treating? Do you dress-up with your furry loved one? What is your and your furry loved one's custom this year? 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Tell me what is on your mind. 

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