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Battle of the Flea, The Best Flea Treatment

Fleas live all year

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Life is not perfect! Yet, life is perfection when we know that life itself is the priory over material items!
Life is not perfect!
Yet, life is perfection when we know that life itself is the priory over material items!

As the summer months begin to cool and drops below 95 degrees, the eggs that the adult fleas laid before death begin to hatch. Of course, the more moister an area has, the faster the flea infestation. 

The best method to stop a major flea infestation is to start flea treatment as the weather begins to cool. Also, if you see one flea, it is time to treat the home, yard, and the furry loved ones.  

I read a report on BBC that said the fleas are not becoming immune or resistant to traditional pesticides. I have to disagree. I have a few brands sitting under my sink that only seem to feed and flourish the fleas. Also, the treatments are harsh for me to breath around. I can only imagine how my dogs and cats suffer.  

So, what I found is best is edible Diatomaceous Earth. When I see one flea, I sprinkle in the house and spray in the yard. Also, I will sprinkle The edible Diatomaceous Earth on the dogs and cats. Typically, I see no more fleas for a few weeks to a few months, depending on season and weather. 

Edible Diatomaceous Earth is safe for the planet, as well as for chickens and all the wild animals in the area. The bonus is when the edible Diatomaceous Earth is digested in proper amounts, flea prevention is obtain from the inside out as well without harmful side effects that often time modern tropical treatments can occur. 

Fleas are a issue that can bring diseases and make our furry loved one sick if the animal is not cared for properly. Thankfully with a proper diet, most fleas leave the animal alone. 

Most fleas will attack a animal that has a poor immune system or is underfed. This is the same as mosquitoes. Feeding our furry loved ones fresh and raw food allows the proper nutrition, so the animal's immune system will fight off pest and parasites naturally from within. Plus, mosquitoes and fleas are not attracted to a healthy animal. 

Funny aspect of BBC report is people are reporting that the fleas are becoming bigger with larger penises. The flea does make the record for having the largest penis among the animals due to the size that is 3.3 mm in which is about 3 times the size of the flea. So, yes from that point of view, the male flea does indeed have the largest penis. Yet, as the BBC reported the fleas have not mutated or have become larger over the years. They are simple the same blood sucking pest in which mankind as been battling since the first day humans existed.

I not sure what purpose a flea has on the planet. I imagine there is some rhyme or reason. Take the ants for example. Ants are great at turning the earth over, and waste cleanup. Even if the flea serves a purpose, We must keep our furry loved ones healthy, by keeping the fleas out of the house and yard. 

Sometimes, the frustrating aspect is the hatching cycle. All fleas eggs hatch in about 30 days. If you have found your self in a middle of a 20 to 30 day war on fleas. Be sure to keep using your flea treatment monthly. Once you find the products that works, you will have won the battle. Also, once you win the battle, flea treatment can occur when needed. 

I find adding the edible Diatomaceous Earth to water is best to spread all over the house (carpets, furniture, closet, hard floors, under furniture, act.) and back yard. The edible Diatomaceous Earth is a fine powder that is hard to spread. I tend to leave thick spots on the carpets and my dogs stay white for days when I do not mix in with water. Also, I allow the edible Diatomaceous Earth to sit for a few days during a flea issue before cleaning up. The only downside if you are a person that strives to have a perfect house, there will be white powder of edible Diatomaceous Earth on everything. 

The great thing about allowing my animals to live with me without worries where they sit or lay, all my items are dusted free of the edible Diatomaceous Earth by a cat or dog. Yet, again I do not have the personality everything has to be perfectly clean. Also, I learned years ago, material items are never perfect or stay clean. I rather enjoy life and my animals then worry about an item that in time will be rotten and gone, as well as me forgetting the item ever existed. 

The best place I have found edible Diatomaceous Earth is online. Some local feed store carry edible Diatomaceous Earth, yet, the cost is better online even with shipping cost included.  

Do you battle the fleas? What flea treatment do you use that seems to never fail throughout the years? Or you finding nothing seems to work?  Tell me what is on your mind. 

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