Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bully Adventure Required

The Bullies Become Houdini

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Every now and again I must smell the world!
Every now and again I must smell the world!

This morning the boys, Sir. Duke and Bojangles decided to pull a Houdini. Both the boys took advantage of the husband and the dark by slipping by my husband and out the front gate when he came back from grocery store. Lucky for the husband the sun had not risen and the neighborhood was still asleep. 

The boys happily ran two doors down, of course peeing on everything possible. Despite the boys joys of the unrestrained adventure, my husband angrily got into my SUV, drove to the boys, and trick them back home. I hope he learned his lesson and this will be the last unscheduled adventure. We must be wiser and faster then Sir. Duke and Bojangles.  

Whenever the boys start looking for ways to have adventures on their own by escaping the front gate because the weather is cool, I know it is time to schedule a Bully day out. 

Typically Sir. Duke and Bojangles are lazy and happy to nap the day away under my desk while I work. Most days the boys will play off and on within the house and backyard to exert energy while having fun. Yet, Sir. Duke and Bojangles too look forward to a scenery change, as well as smell a variety of different scents. 

So, because of today's antics and the weather is cool enough, I plan to schedule one day a week for 20 minutes. Picking a time and day is the trick. I know when I do, the boys will be much happier, as well will stop pulling the Bully Houdini. 

When I do decide on a day and time, I plan to take Sir. Duke and Bojangles to the river walk a few miles from the house. I prefer early and with no one out walking. The time out walking and taking pictures with my boys will be good for the three of us. 

With my foot feeling better, I have no excuse. Also, the weather is becoming nice. There is a small window the Bullies are truly active due to being sensitive to heat and cold weather. In the summer they love to relax under the AC and in the cooler weather snuggle under blankets. 

Interested about why I hate going into public places and why going has benefits see article Bully Day Out by Eve Hoffman click here

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment tell me what is on your mind. What is your favorite adventures? 

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