Friday, October 7, 2016

Update: Dogs Are Wise In Knowing When To Rest, Specially A Bully

When to know to take action or rest is needed. 


Good Morning everyone! Today, my foot is feeling much better. I plan to rest another day with the boys. They are great at taking dogie naps all day. Also, both enjoy spooning, as well as being spoon. I was bless to be in a Bully sandwich of love and spooning most of yesterday to rest. 

I loved when Sir. Duke would sit under my foot. He not only had my foot raised, Sir. Duke's warmth from his body seem to sooth the pain. 

One foot forward, even with a limp.

Sir. Duke, Bojangles and I, plan to watch movies all day. Hopefully, I will be able to put weight on my foot by Monday. 

Have a great day. The power of Pawseverance is what will get us through this rough moment. 


Good Morning everyone! Yesterday,  I dropped a five pound weight from the of a shelf (eight feet high) onto the top of my foot and little toe and broke my toe. 

Man, these are the moments I had to cry a little, along with breathing deeply.  As well as, I hoped the thumping and deep pain stopped soon, so I could work on my blog and site. 

OK, just a bump in the road, breath in and out, let the demons laugh, my day is coming. Beside it is just a break. don't be such a baby. :) 

Oh yeah, I thought I had broken the top part of my foot too, lovely. My foot was swelling nicely and turned blue and then black. Got to love these moments, cause there is a sweet moment waiting for this to pass.

Today is a better day. However,  today I plan to listen to the universe. I am stubborn and rather work. Yet, the universe said rest is needed due to my broken toe. Good news only my little toe is broken and the top of my foot is bruised and a little swollen.

Today's Mantra: "Rest today, a field of that has rested gives a bounty of crops" Ovid

Sometimes we need to set our own agendas aside take notice and rest to see our next action needed to reach our dreams.

Animals are very wise when knowing when to rest, eat, or take actions. I can always tell when my boys are feeling well. Sir. Duke and Bojangles will sleep the day away. Also, if they have a upset stomach, both will pass on food. 

So, today, Sir. Duke, Bojangles and I are going to take the day to nap and rest.

Peace and love, Have a great day!

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animals awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment. Tell me what on your mind. I do love reading all your comments. 

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