Friday, October 21, 2016

Dwight Jones Former New York Jets Starves his two Pit Bulls to death

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Dwight Jones has no remorse for starving his Pit Bulls
Dwight Jones has no remorse for starving his Pit Bulls

Daily News reports in 2015, Dwight Jones, former New Jets football player starves his two Pit Bulls and left them out in freezing conditions without proper shelter. According to the report, after a concern citizens turn in Jones to the authorities in February of 2015, two Pit Bulls were discovered extremely neglected outside of Jones's home. One Pit Bull was discovered dead and the other extremely malnourished.

Thankfully, there was no sign of a fighting operation. The shocking part is why someone with money and a great career such as Jones would allow a life to starve, as well as go without basic comforts. The sad aspect is no one understand why and people starving their furry loved one occurs all the time according to Daily News report.

Perhaps our society needs more awareness that animals need food daily. Even in the wild, animals find some food, while they hunt. Specially wolves and coyotes will live off of vegetation daily until meat is available.

Also, the temperature were below freezing when the dogs were discovered. No animal with warm blood can survive freezing conditions. Even in the wild, animals seek proper shelter. We as pet parent must always provide a warm or cool place for our furry loved ones. Specially when temperature go below 50 degrees Fahrenheit and above 70 degree Fahrenheit proper shelter is important.

My dogs live in the house with freedom to access the backyard. The Bully breed, such as the Pit Bull are very sensitive to the cold and heat. Providing a place for the Bullies to stay warm or cool is very important to health of the dog. both physically, as well as mentally. Also, the Bully breed requires a high amount of fat and protein daily due to having a high metabolism.

There is no excuse for allowing a life a person is responsible to die from lack of basic care, such as food, water, and a safe comfortable place to live.

The sad thing was Jones lived with other people that could had taken the few minutes to feed the dogs daily and provide a safe and comfortable place to live. There was no excuse for anyone that past by the starving and neglected dogs. Yes, Jones was facing lots of personal hardships. Yet, he also was harming what life he was blessed to enjoy. One could say Karma brought on Jones's personal struggles due to his poor action. Every action has a equal action.

Thankfully, there has not been a team that has sign on Jones. Jones has been a unsigned free lance player since 2015 according to Rotoworld. Jones was also charged with a felony and now has a record that follows him through NFL. No team should ever consider Jones again. His past record along with the treatment and death of his dogs is not what role model that should be allowed the privileges of being a athlete for the NFL or any other level of sports.

Caring is sharing please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread animals awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need.

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Do you agree one of the Jones's family member could had prevented such torment and painful death of the Pit Bulls.

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