Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ex-Atlanta Falcons Football Player Prince Shembo Kills 8 Pound Dog

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Really, a knee jerk reaction! I think not Shembo!!
Really, a knee jerk reaction! I think not Prince Shembo!!

Prince Shembo has some deep emotional issues. Another sad case of a person taking out jealously and anger on a defenseless life. Prince Shembo is just as horrible as Micheal Vick, because both have no remorse. Shembo is a touch worse then Vick due to the sad excuse for his unjust and cruel actions. 

According to ESPN Prince Shembo was watching his girlfriend dog while she out on a errand. Shembo claimed the tiny Yorkshire Terrier bit him while placing the small dog in the kennel. Shembo reported to US Today he did nothing wrong. Shembo says that when the tiny dog bit him, he kicked the dog out of a knee jerk reaction. 

Well, after a nercropsy was preformed the police had evidence the dog was servery beaten and tortured.  According to reports by neighbors and friends, Shembo was jealous of the relationship between his girlfriend and the tiny dog. According to US Today, the Yorky went everywhere with the model, even on runways to show off the latest fashions. Thankfully, the Falcons and his girlfriend become wise and drop Shembo for his inhumane act against the small Yorky. 

I am amazed Shembo is not smart enough to realize no animal or person has a eye pop out of place, along with cracked teeth and bones, and torn tissues with one kick. Besides that poor Yorky was not even the size of a football. I am sure Shembo could had taken a breath and had walked away, if he had not allowed his hate for the dog to overwhelm him. 

Shembo should had know harming the dog was going to be the end of his relationship and career. Too bad this tiny little Yorky had to pay the price to show the world what monster Prince Shembo really is on and off the field. 

So far I do not see any teams allowing Shembo to play. According to Rotoworld his is listed as freelance, along with a record of his action against the Yorky.  I am happy to see the NFL is keeping record, so they may hire players that are worthy to be role models, unlike Prince Shembo.

All level of sports from elementary to professional, must raise the standards. Such as, good grade and personal referrals would be a great start. Being a athlete comes with lots of reward. Only the finest, along with hard work should only have such privileges and rights. No longer should society allow rewards for a single talent. How a star athlete behaves on and off the field is important, since there is lots of impressible fans.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread animal awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment tell me what is on your mind? I am curious why so many football player with such anger issues?

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