Monday, October 24, 2016

Former Super Bowl Champ Formerly with the Pittsburgh Steelers Chris Kemoatu Abandons His Dog

Chris Kemoatu dog sit in limbo waiting for a Home!

Picture found on WBAL
Zeus, making the best out of being abandon at a boarding Kennel
Zeus, making the best out of being abandon at a boarding Kennel 

I wonder if Chris Kemoatu ever claimed his dog, named Zeus, a 6 year, Can Corso that he had abandon at a dogie day care and boarding kennel called "Pooches and Purrs" on Holabird Avenue in Baltimore for almost a year in 2014. So, far there has been no articles of update since September of 2015. Zeus may still be in the kennel, at a new loving home, or Kemoatu did the right thing, took Zeus home. No one is reporting any further facts about Zeus. Looks as if Kemoatu is trying to lay low from the press. 

Last year, 2015 in August, WBAL 13 news reported that Kemoatu relocated with his brother to Hawaii leaving Zeus behind at a day care and boarding kennel. According to the report in August of 2015, the boarding bill was over 9,000 thousand dollars (USA).The bill did not include food or a $300.00 vet bill.  

According to the report, WBAL 13 News attempted to reach Kemoatu, not surprising Kemoatu was not available or could be reached. 

This case is strange. Kemoatu has in the past kept his responsibility. However, Hemoatu appears to have abandon his responsibility to his furry loved one, Zeus. The sad part is Zeus sits in waits to have a loving home, due to Kemoatu pleading with the Kennel to wait and not give his dog away. I wonder what was taking him so long to get his dog or why Kemoatu never returned for Zeus. 

Hawaii is part of the states. I wonder if there are holds is why he left the dog behind in the boarding kennel. There are so many people would take care of Kemoatu dog for good and bad reasons. I can imagine finding a loving home with a star and champ status may not be easy. So, finding the right loving home would be best for Kemoatu's dog. Hopefully Kemoatu has let go of Zeus if he does not plan to take his furry loved one home. Also, if Kemoatu knew how long he would be away, he could had arranged a foster home to care for Zeus. 

I wonder why the former Super Bowl champ is staying quiet? With all the money Kemoatu has earned over the years there is no excuse for abandoning his furry loved one, Zeus. A true hero and role model would had done the right thing by taking care of personal responsibility and love ones, such as the dog. 

I could never leave my dogs for period of extended time. I enjoy working out of my home for the fact I am always near by my furry babies. I cannot imagine how or why Kemoatu would abandon Zeus. Specially, since Zeus appears to be a well behaved and loved dog. 

Due to Kemoatu silence and abandonment of Zeus places Kemoatu in the Hall of Digust. 

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  Why did you abandon me!
Why did you abandon me!

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