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Hall of most Disgusted NFL Players

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Micheal Vick is the Number one Abuser to make the list of Hall of Disgust

Zero Tolerance.There has been several athletes from high school to college and professional sports that have abused and horrifically killed animals that should be place in the Hall of Disgust in recent years. 

The first abuser and killer is Micheal Vick, formerly the NFL star. Vick had one of the largest dog fighting operations in which countless lives suffered and died. Thankfully he did spend 18 months in prison. However, for Vick's crimes and victims 18 months was not enough time served. When he left prison Vick still had no true remorse over what he had done to so many lives and all the suffering Vick caused. Vick takes the cake. He earns a Hall of Shame reward, along with the Hall of Disgust. See full story at http://www.bullydevotion.com/search?q=Micheal+vick+

The second offender and killer is Terrance Cody, formerly with the Baltimore Ravens. Now, Cody is fights to be number one for the fact he allowed his dog to starve to death inside a small kennel in his garage, while he happily lived and ate. A person has to be heartless to feed themselves and never think about the life him or her chose to take in. The girlfriend is more so colder. She could had spared leftovers for Cody's Mastiff. See full story http://www.bullydevotion.com/search?q=starving+mastiff+

The third abusive NFL player is Prince Shembo, formerly with the Falcons. He abused and tortured a defensibly seven pound dog that Shembo reported barking and biting him. Really Shembo. No one is buying a 170 pound man full of rage and muscles could not had walked away. Shembo is not only a beast, he is a coward that only harms the voiceless and who Shambo can intimidate is why he make the top three of Hall of Disgust. See full story at http://www.bullydevotion.com/2016/10/former-atlanta-falcons-football-player.html

The fourth shameful NFL player is Dwight Jones, formerly with the New York Jets. Jones allowed his Pit bulls to starve to death in his backyard in freezing weather. One Pit Bull died, while the other was rescued barley in time. Providing the basic of life, proper shelter and food is not a difficult task for a man like Jones. His action can never be justified. No life no matter the temperament deserves to die of hunger and left out to freeze to death. The best justice for Jones would be an eye for an eye. The only true justice will allow Jones to feel and deeply understand the cruelty he placed his Pit Bulls through. Starvation and lack of basic comfort would be the best justice served to Jones. See Full Story here http://www.bullydevotion.com/2016/10/dwight-jones-former-new-york-jets.html 

Last, yet not least number five, formerly with the Pittsburgh Steelers Chris Kemoatu. Kemoatu is a guy that maybe boarder lining on psychopath. He is the worse of all abuser. Not only he neglects his responsibility, Kemoatu abandons the ones he claims family.  Who needs enemies when you have a friend or family like Kemoatu. The sad aspect is Kemoatu can afford to take care of his responsibilities, yet he leaves a growing vet bill, as well as his dog to a uncertain future. Full story coming soon. 

The other day I realized my baby Sir. Duke is growing bigger then I expected. When I first got Sir. Duke, he only weighted about 8 pounds. Also, all of sir. Duke parts were smaller then my hand. Today Sir. Duke is close to 125 pounds. Now, Sir. Duke feet are bigger then mine. His head is much bigger then mind and he has out grown wearing any of my t-shirts. 

As Sir. Duke grows, so does my love. I never knew a bond and love can be endless until I was blessed to Sir. Duke's pet parent. Just as our love grows, so does Sir. Duke basic needs of a balance diet, attention, training, as well as a clean and comfortable place to live. For me taking care and loving Sir. Duke and my dogs are privileges that I will only be able to experience once in this life time. If only The above former NFL players understood the blessing and privileges they too had.  

What makes their acts cruel and inhumane are they tortured and killed life that gave unconditional love and trust. Trust and love is earned with humans, unlike the animals they brought harm unto. These former NFL players will be blessed to ever feel unconditional love again. I have my doubts that any one of the players can earn back 100% trust.  

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animal awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. I am curious, do you think a person, such as Micheal Vick can be trustworthy once again or does his arrogant attitude reveal a dark future, as well as a inner core truth?  

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