Thursday, October 6, 2016

Iran Man Murders, Simply Gets 75 Slashes

What happen for Eye for an Eye!

Picture Created by Eve Hoffman
All life matter.  I am shocked  the masses of Iran do not even have a small clue of Animals have a purpose too.
All life matters.
 I am shocked  the masses of Iran do not even have a small clue of Animals have a purpose too. 

Two days ago I discovered a video that was posted by Animal Love on Facebook to gain profit on T-shirt sales. First off, shame on you Animal Love. No one should ever profit on such cruel acts. Thankfully the guy was found and punish to a point. Too bad not all the men, nor are the people that posted for profit are being punished correctly.

The guy that was once the pet parent got 75 lashes for abusing and killing his own dog with a shovel. . Really, that is a joke. Why not a eye for an eye! Well, since it is illegal to have a dog or cat. The man was charged with a morality law. Behaving badly in public. How sad. We need laws to be able to punish with common sense in Iran,  since the people clearly lack personal control.

I have read several news articles regarding this dog in the video click here to see video, scroll down a few post to locate. Warning highly graphic and painful to watch!. Also, I have looked on the issue as a whole in Iran. Thankful,  I live a country that people have common sense. As well as understand all like matters.

Iran has decided to create a law that makes having a dog or cat illegal. Iran citizens are brutalizing and inhumanly killing  the dogs and cats, both strays and pet parents beloved furry friends. Who needs enemies when you have pet parents that are willing to brutalize you to death. 

The people that are trying to  keep their cats or dogs must walk them out only at night, as well as walk were no one typically walks at night. The sad aspect is Iran's police will take and kill the pet if seen in public. 
According to Iran's public belief the cats and dogs are unclean. So, they beat the animals to death. The people of Iran forget all life matters, even the ones that cannot be eaten. Wow, Iran is in the dark age still.

Even the animals that cannot be eaten have a purpose. Matter fact, I am a vegan. No animal needs to be harmed to maintain life for humans. Killing to feed is a personal choice. All life stresses and releases bad hormones when killed. So, all animals are clean. The people of Iran need to learn basic respect for themselves and all of life. I will never look at Iran the same again. For certain Iran has failing grade for humanity. 

I am a vegan. No animal should be killed to feed humans. Mankind has a choice Also, no animal wants to die or be killed. Eating meat is the secondary source to proper nutrition. 

I see talks throughout the variety of articles of teaching from kindergarten animal's rights, as well as how to be kind to make a real change to stop this brutality against the domesticated animals in Iran. .That is a great start, but too bad disrespect of  life runs so deep that the people do not have the common sense to teach the kids at home. We all know everything cannot be taught at school. Some issues should be taught at home. Perhaps, at the community level, but not at school. The Iran people clearly are ignorant and need to focus on higher education, along with morality. 

I never thought, I  could think lower of Iran. Bad enough Iran failed in how to treat people. Now, they take their anger out on pure faithful animals. Iran is truly distasteful, disgusting, disrespectful, despicable, as well are the true ugly beast. Really, and people are afraid of dogs. Wow!

Online promoting is also a subject of common sense and should not be done. After all abusing and killing animals is a crime, so should online promoting of the abuse  Another comment sense, but needs a law. Join me and sign the following link to stop people and companies from making a profit from a life being abused and killed. Online promoting is as bad As stuff films. 

Caring is sharing. Share Bully Love & Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping dogs in need find loving homes. 

Leave a comment tell me what is on you mind. 

Picture created by Eve Hoffman

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