Monday, October 10, 2016

Pit Bull Saves a Women Life Against the Abusive Husband

"Pit Bull Saves Woman In Domestic Fight [ORIGINAL]" Post by Sammy78girl

Picture Created By Eve Hoffman
We are always there for you Mamma Eve. Even on bad days! My Heres
We are always there for you Mamma Eve, even on bad days!
My Heroes. 

Heroes come in all shape and sizes. Bully breeds are very passionate, as well as highly intelligent. They love and will protect the underdog. 

ABC news WZZM reports, a estranged husband was assaulting his wife outside of her home when the family dog named Blitz's came to the women's rescue. Boy, this women was lucky the dog had the courage to stand-up and protect her. Sometimes, dogs can freeze if both masters are fighting. Also, the women must had been the main caretaker when she was with the husband. Furthermore, Blitz's most likely understood the husband did not lived with the women and he was trespassing.

I know my boys, Sir. Duke and Bojangles are very protective of me. In my house, the rules are to have a discussion, not a fight. At best, we will agree to disagree to keep the harmony in the house. The boys are very sensitive to even heated discussions that become loud. The dogs leave the room and only return when the topic is light or normal.     

The Bully breed is specially aware of people and high emotion. The breed is highly intelligent. Most of the Bullies know when to protect and when to love without formal training. The secret are time, proper care, and positive bonding.  

Blitz's is a classic example of the goodness in the Pit Bull and all the Bully Breed. The dogs that are forced to fight and be viscous through abuse are becoming a rarity. Thankfully, with so many people being brave and turning suspected fighting rings, watchers, and fighters into the law, there is a decrease in dog fighting. 

All dogs, including the Pit Bull seek the same things in life a safe place to live, proper shelter, food, water, and unconditional love. When we provide the basic for our furry loved one, we create a hero that is willing to always give a helping hand. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animal awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment.  Have you known a Bully to be a hero? Tell me what is on your mind.


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