Monday, October 3, 2016

Bonding with our furry loved ones

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Bonding with our Furry love one can be simply as being goofy and loving with them.
Bonding with our Furry love one can be simply as being goofy and loving with them. 

The best methods to bond with our furry loved ones comes in many forms. Deep long lasting bonding with our furry loved ones takes a few key ingredients.

  1. Time
  2. Play
  3. Training
  4. positive discipline.
  5. loving and constant rules

Time is the most important ingredient, specially when we have rescued our furry loved ones. For example, the more Sir. Duke and I spend time with each other, the more we fall in love. A special bond cannot be force. Bonding grows with positive interaction, as well with time.

The second secret of bonding is play. All life bonds, learns, and grows the best through play. No matter the animal, human or furry, play is one of the key ingredients to bonding, as well as training. Play is limited to the pet parents imagination and our furry loved ones’ personality.

The next important aspect to bonding is positive training. Positive training is very important to puppies or dogs. How we want to end-up with our furry loved ones can be controlled by how we train. The puppy or dog looks to the leader for guidance. Through training, the puppy or dog learns to trust. When trust is developed, bonding can begin to grow positively. Of course, trust take time as well.

I normally do not like the word discipline. For me, I do not discipline. I use positive training to teach the puppy or dog what I wish of him or her. When my boys need discipline, my methods are positive. Such as, if they are tired and need a timeout, I will put my puppy or dog in a room alone for about five to ten minutes, depending on age. Even a one minute timeout is very effective, specially when dealing with a puppy. The timeout not only gives the puppy or dog a chance to break the undesired behavior, also provides a space for us to think about how to positively train our furry loved ones with patience.

The best method to achieve a positive bond with our puppy or dog is through loving and sound rules. Dogs are very easy going. The one aspect they respect the most is having safe and loving rules that can be depended upon. For example, if you allow your puppy to jump-up on you and greet you, do not punish him or her if you are having a bad day. If you want to be greeted in a certain manner, be sure to set the rule in the beginning. When we come home our furry loved ones do not know we had a bad day. They simply want to love and appreciate our return home. Of course, any dog can change and be retrained, the secret is to be loving and constant with the new rule.    

Have you notice, all the key ingredients takes time to develop. The best thing we can do for our furry loved ones is be in the present moment, play, be constant, and have positive training, while time takes care if the rest.

As you can see in the Video Sir. Duke loves to play tug of war, as well as keep away. Watch us play while we bond.

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Video created by Eve Hoffman

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