Friday, October 21, 2016

New Improved Waco's SPCA

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
A rescued shelter dog is a grateful soul with endless unconditional love!
A rescued shelter dog is a grateful soul with endless unconditional love!

Updated 10/21/16:

The Grand opening was nice. The new adoption center is amazing. The new kennels are nice for being kennels. 

The kennels were full of young dogs that have not reached adulthood. There was one older chocolate Labrador. He looked about my Angels age, 13 years old. He laid there on a blanket with great sadness. All the other young dogs were happy and excited to show why they should go home with whomever walked by the kennels. 

Thankfully, there are rescue organizations that help take in the Bullies and dogs that have extreme needs from health issue to dogs that have been rescued from fighting operations. 

The shelter is in great need of volunteers to walk and help care for the dogs and puppies. The Waco SPCA has a orientation this coming Saturday at 11:00 AM for new volunteers. I would love to attend. Yet, I need to figure out if I have time. Starting something I cannot finish would not be fair to any of the dogs, since they too begin to look forward to see the person. Plus, I must consider the five dogs I already have. What extra time I do have is typically spent walking and training them. Plus, leaving my latest rescue, Bojangles, behind was very stressful for him. So, I must think of my current dogs needs as well. This is a moment I will allow the universe to open room to do what I can. 

Seeing all the dogs and puppies in desperate need of love and proper care is heartbreaking. I am very impress with all of the staffs and volunteers that face these souls and do what they can to make a better life for each dog or puppy. 

Whenever possible please adopt from a shelter. All dogs or puppies no matter the need of training is going to be forever grateful for a better life that does not include a small kennel with cold hard concrete floors. The rewards are endless. One reward is unconditional love.

One thing to keep in mind with a shelter dogs or puppies. Shelter dogs and puppies are very stressed when in the shelter. After they dog or puppy gains homes and feels secure is when a person can finally see the greatness and the true spirit of the shelter puppy or dog. Just the same as humans, the reaction to stress can vary in every puppy or dog. So, please never fully judge a shelter dog until you have taking the time to know the puppy or dog in a loving, caring, and stable home. 

Do what we can, volunteer time, adopt instead of shop, sponsor, and foster. 

Have a great day! Love all that we can.  

Posted 10/19/16:

 I am very excite for the SPCA re-grand opening that will start tomorrow 10/20/16 at 10:30 am. I plan to attend for a few different reasons.

One is to see the improved conditions for the animals. The second reason is to see how to volunteer a few hours a week to walk and care for the dogs in need, while they wait for forever loving homes. 

In the past, I have helped from a distant. I have volunteered for other shelters. My heart hurts to come and go leaving a soul in the SPCA shelter. Yet, I know going to the shelter will help both me and the dogs. 

Helping the dogs will keep me motivated to work hard improve my sites, as well as be successful at my new adventure. 

The exciting aspect as the dogs motivate me, I can bring a little happiness to a dog that just lost everything and is now looking for love to mend the broken pieces. 

As I visit the shelter I will be sure to report and feature a dog as I get to know him or her. 

I wish I could give more then just a few hours a week. Yet, a handful of hours a week is a great start. The bonus, I will get to enjoy another life, while providing hope and love. 

Check out the Waco SPCA event on face at

Attend Here: 
Hope to see you there. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. If you were busy, would you add in a few hours a week to provide a shelter dog love and hope? 

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