Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Bully Thanksgiving!

Happy Per-Thanksgiving. 

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Welcome to a Bully bash of a great time. Happy Bully Thanksgiving!
Welcome to a Bully bash of a great time.
Happy Bully Thanksgiving! 

Even though our furry loved ones may not understand mankind's holidays, they too enjoy celebrating along with us. 

Getting our furry loved ones ready for the big Thanksgiving day with friends and family takes preparation. 

When I prepare my pack for the holidays there are a few basic cleaning that get amp up for the holidays. Such as picking up the yard. Of course picking up the dogie waste is a daily event, yet on the week of a holiday picking up the waste occurs a few times a day. As well as the dogs pool is cleaned sooner then scheduled. 

Another aspect is to check the gate and fence to insure the dogs are secure and safe due to the extra activities in the neighborhood. Furthermore, the dogs' toys will be picked up and placed in their basket. Of course by the end of the day all toys will be spread throughout as always. Also, every guess will understand not to open the gate. Only my husband and I have authorization to open and close the gate. My boys love to escape the gate and take walks. Yes, my boys will take advantage of a friend or family member that does not know the rules, unaware of the dogs, or has had to much to alcohol drink.  

Next, we will move inside and take of chores to prepare the dogs for Thanksgiving day. I will do my daily cleaning of the water bowls, sweep and mop the hard floors. This is the week I will vacuum and dust the furniture the morning of the guess arrival. Also, just a few days before I will clean all bedding items, including all the dogs beds to insure the house smells fresh. I spend all of my days with my dogs. I never smell the dogs' odor in the house, unless I get away from the dogs in which is rare. Family and friends say my house smells fresh for having five dogs. I figure that is code to yes the house does have a dog odor. Yet, that is not be a surprise, I do live with five dogs, two have medium to long hair. I am not into bathing my dogs as well. My dogs only get baths if they need them for medical reasons or they are truly dirty that a brush and a damp washcloth cannot clean. Also, I will wipe my dogs with water and apple cider vinegar from time to time. A few decades ago, I learned from a vet that a dog should not be washed more then twice a year. The dog has a natural balance to keep them clean and smelling good. Over bathing can cause harm, as well as make the dog smell worse. So, cleaning the house and burning incenses mask most of the dogie odor, even to the most sensitive. 

Next is planning my dogs meals, snacks, as well as desert for the day. My dogs already eat a staple of fresh food that is made with chicken, fruit, and veggies. I am a vegan. My personal meal will be anything but a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. However, I will be making my dogs some turkey, along with cranberries and sweet potatoes. I will add their favorite greens, spinach. I will adjust their meal amount to what I observe through family and friends. What I mean the amount will depend on how much food my dogs manage to gain from sweet dogie looks and someone trying to get their attention. 

Also, I will have a treat bowl out with their favorite per-made dogie cookies, along with some homemade peanut butter cookies for desert for the dogs, as well if anyone wants to give the dogs a treat that do not feel comfortable feeding them food from his or her plate. Also, I will make my dogs ice cream made out of yogurt and fruit, so they do not feel left out when desert is served. 

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for all that is great in our lives, including our furry loved ones. Also, Thanksgiving is a day that comes once a year that all can eat and enjoy what and how much they want. My dogs love when we start to put things together for a party. They too know there are special treats that are waiting for someone to be grateful. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread animal awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment. What special meal or treat do you prepare for your furry loved ones? 

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