Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Rainy Bully Day, Facing Fears Bully Style

Rain is a good thing, unless fear sets in!

Picture created By Eve Hoffman
Best methods to face fears to breath and meditate!
Best methods to face fears to breath and meditate!

A much needed day of rain here in Texas. I love the rain for a variety of reason. On the other hand Bojangles can go his whole life without rain and be happy. However, there is a benefit for Bojangles that he is not aware that would help him appreciate rain. 

The one benefit of rain that helps the whole family is the fleas die off when the area receive rain. Fleas love warm moist areas, not wet. With the summer heat coming to an end, so the battle of the fleas begin. One way to battle the fleas is to water the yard daily or hope for rain. 

Another benefit is the dogs urine is washed away. The backyard smells fresh. Of course, the areas where the dogs have mark are washed away as well. So, the boys spend time remarking each of their territories. 

Bojangles has a hard time seeing the benefits of rain. Bojangles had to face scary storms in his past without much shelter or someone to tell him that storms are normal, as well as Bojangles would be safe.

When Bojangles first moved in with me he was afraid of every rain storm, no matter the size. Yet, today he is becoming brave. Bojangles is growing in confidence in himself and with me. He only asked for a few hugs and cuddle a little this morning. Amazing, Bojangles went outside twice this morning to take care of dogie business while the skies were dropping water.  Bojangles came inside happy and wiggling that he faced the rain and did not melt. Of course, we all celebrated with a dogie hug, kiss, and cookies. 

I love how Bojangles will come and hug me when the rain starts. Since he has overcome some of his fears of rain, I can tell now how bad a storm is or will be by Bojangles actions. Getting over some of Bojangles fears of rain has taking about an year. Yet, there is hope of Bojangles being able to conquer his fear of storms and rain. Also, Bojangles is starting to realize being thrown out of the house is the thing of his past, regardless if there is rain or a bright sunny day. 

Next fear to conquer is being out in public. Over the years due to personal hardship and family issues, I have developed anxiety leaving the house. I lean on Sir. Duke and Bojangles for comfort when I must leave. Bojangles and I share the same fears. Yet, Bojangles react frightening to loud sounds and people as I feel inside. So, soon I will be picking a day, once a week that the boys and I will go on an adventure in public that goes beyond a purpose, simply having fun. After all living life sometimes means facing fears, even in times all a person wants to do is snuggle up and stay safe within the familiar involvement, home. 

If Bojangles can overcome his fears of rain, there is hope for him and I to overcome our fears of people, places, and things. 

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Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Do you have a furry loved one that is afraid of the rain? Or what fears do you and your furry love one face together in this life? 

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