Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Amazing Dogs Learn How To Drive A Vehicle

"Dogs learn to drive a car in New Zealand" (OBM)

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
I rather let you drive and hang my head out the window!
I rather let you drive and hang my head out the window!

Amazing dogs learning how drive. I love how the trainers had mock vehicles to train the dogs. With some patience, love, treats, and time this New Zealand hound was on the road. Dogs do indeed serve a higher purpose then mankind's idea of animals.

I wonder what the dog was thinking? Perhaps, where is my treats or where is the park? Dogs have great ability that go beyond mankind thoughts and limitations that is placed on the animals, both wildlife and domesticated. Dogs can learn so much, as well as provide great services to mankind. The lessons provided and what a dog can learn depends upon the pet parent's abilities and willingness. 

For example, dogs can understand multiple of langues, specially if a pet parent speaks a a variety of languages. Another example is working dogs. All dogs can preform any work task, depending on the person willing to teach the dog. 

I can see a dog driving for a person that is unable to drive due to special needs or limitations. After all there are service dogs that do all sorts of task for people with special needs, such as open doors and retrieve needed items. Wouldn't that be amazing to have the dog pull around the truck while being on another task.  

I imagine also learning how to drive must depend on the dogs personality. My boys, Sir. Duke and Bojangles love to hang out their heads when we go on errands or a trips out of the house. I could see them driving with their heads hanging out as well. Not sure if driving would be for my boys. The idea is very cool, as well as enlightening that dogs ability are only limited to the pet parents' willingness, such as myself.   

Would you want to teach your dog how to drive? Leave a comment tell me. what is on your mind. 

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Video credit to OBN, found on YouTube

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