Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bojangles First Day Out!

Heart worm treatment is finish

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Happy days new adventures Life is sweet when the pack can do everything together, including running boring errands!!
Life is sweet when the pack can do everything together, including running boring errands!!

We had lots of goals on our first adventure. One of the goals we wanted to go to our secret spot to collect free tennis balls. Yet, every present moment brought us to the next errand and further from the tennis balls. 

We started our adventure going to the meat market to resupply the dogs' food. Getting our per-order supplies of meat took longer then normal. Ever one at the market had to come out and say hello to Sir. Duke and Bojangles. 

Next, we had to go to the bank to pay bills. This errand only took a few minutes. 

Another stop was a must was getting brakes for my husband's work truck. The brakes on the work truck are so bad, they are grinding. The truck's brakes sound as if they are being dragged on the ground. Surprising this errand as well only took a few minutes. Of course all these chores took us further from the free tennis balls. 

By this point we only had at best two hours of daylight remaining. My husband's original plan was to install the brakes for his work truck after our adventure of getting free tennis balls. The plan changed when our errands took us on the other side of town for the sake of having light to install the brakes, in which I agree. 

 Yet, as we pass the river walk, my husband decided to surprise us and take us on a short ten minute walk through a nice shady path that leads to a natural spring. He said "I decided, I rather have fun with Bojangles and Sir. Duke on Bojangles's first adventure out. At this point, either way I will be finishing the brakes in the dark. I will install the brakes in the morning"  

Well, we had a great ten minute walk. We all were excited, so we forgot the camera in my SUV. I will have to add pictures another time of the river walk. The area is so beautiful. There are lots of trails to take Bojangles and Sir. Duke daily. We are hoping today. Of course that will depend how Bojangles feels. He was super tired last night, went right to bed, only to come out to eat dinner. Also, this morning was Bojangles last day of treatment. After he had eaten breakfast and played, he went back to bed. Of course. after a nice dogie nap, he may be ready this afternoon. 

Our plans is to go to the spot where there is free tennis balls. We plan to reveal the secrets when we do. However, even thought the vet approved Bojangles to go out daily for walks, how Bojangles feels each day will determine if we go or not.

Have a great day! Enjoy every moment, life is fleeting.

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