Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bully Got Sensitive Skin

. A soft touch of the wrong plant can breakout a Bully for days

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Beware of sensitive bully Bullies are sensitive from the hearts to the tip of their tails.
Bullies are sensitive from the hearts to the tip of their tails.

Sir.Duke was born with thin fur and sensitive skin, as well as a delicate temperament. As I talk to fellow pet parents, I realize the Bully breed do have thin fur and sensitive skins in common. 

Every since Sir. Duke was a baby, he would breakout for all sort of reasons. When he was six weeks old, Sir. Duke had puppy acne. I would clean his bowls several times a day. He was not allowed to eat or drink out of anything other then a glass dish, since I did not know why Sir Duke was having puppy acne. Over time, Sir. Duke stop breaking out with acne. 

Every spring, summer, and fall I must be aware of the poison ivy around my house, as well as were the dogs and I take adventures. Poison ivy blows and grows here in Texas with the wind. When Sir. Duke was a baby, about three months old, he broke out in a bad poison ivy rash all over his body. There was a patch in the yard, Sir. Duke discovered under a bush. Sir, Duke loves to rub all over the bushes. Thankfully with some oatmeal baths and Benadryl Sir. Duke healed within a month. 

Well, recently, Sir. Duke and I were reminded how sensitive his skin really is when he touches or brushes-up against a plant in which Sir. Duke is allergic. The last time Sir. Duke and I took a walk on the river walk we must had touched some poison ivy. Sir. Duke has broken out with a rash on one side of his body and face.

Of course I check the yard. Even though I treated the yard a few years ago, some wild poison ivy can pop up at random. So far, my yard is free of poison ivy.

Just the same as a person that has a poison ivy rash, the full effects of the rash took a few days to show on Sir Duke. So, Sir. Duke is on Benadryl. Yet, as he has gotten older, baths is not what Sir. Duke enjoys. So, I do not insist on oatmeal baths. He heals a little slower, yet he does mend. 

The only downside to giving Benadryl to Sir. Duke is he sleeps more then normal. I tend not to want to take Sir. Duke on walk as well. Even though Sir. Duke is over a 100 lbs, he still desire me to carry him if he becomes too tired. So, until I am confident Sir. Duke can manage a walk on his own, I will wait on adventures.

I should set a thirty day challenge and see what kind of adventures we are capable of completing. The challenge would be interesting, since there are my wishes and goals, then there is what life has planned or offered.

The funny aspect is I have been hoping to get out as soon as Bojangles had the green light from the vet. Yet, the weather and how the dogs are behaving have the largest factor when we are allowed to go out. Also, recently I have discovered Bojangles is a threat to small animals. I am working on his training. Whenever there is a issue for any dog or puppy, there is lack of training.

Since I am aware of Bojangles hunting desires, I must plan when and where I take him in public places. Just as Sir. Dukes sensitive skin, I must be sensitive to all the dogs needs and  personalities.

I know on our next walk to the river, we will consider keeping close to the river. Perhaps, walking on the dirt trails may not be a good idea for Sir. Duke skin or Bojangles addiction to hunting small prey.  Perhaps, we will take the paved path that everyone takes to avoid a mistaken outbreak of poison ivy.

Bullies are sensitive to a variety of things in life due to having thin furs. Getting sun burn and skin cancers can also be common factors as well, especially if your Bully loves to sun bath.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need.

Leave a comment tell me what is on your mind. Do you have a furry loved one that has sensitive skin?

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