Thursday, November 10, 2016

All great relationships start with healthy communication.

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Good communication is the key to happiness and a peaceful life!
Good communication is the key to happiness and a peaceful life! 

No matter the relationship, family, friends, stranger, even with our furry loved ones, the key is a healthy clear communication. 

The Bully Breed does indeed have a nasty reputation of not getting along with other dogs. Just like humans, not all Bullies like or become friends with everyone they meet. No matter the breed, personality and how the dog is socialized do have influence on how well socialized the dog will become.

The important aspect to socializing and communication is to understand the dogs’ or Bullies’ personal personalities, as well as desires and dislikes.

One method to help a Bully or any dog to enjoy socializing with other dogs is to start young as possible. Yet, do not be surprised if your dog decides he or she rather not play with other dogs. Just like humans, being social depends on the dog's personality. Just the same as humans there are dogs that are introverted and extroverted.

Now when socializing comes to people, most Bullies love human interactions. Allowing the Bully or any dog to socialize with a variety of people allows the dog an opportunity to understand people dress and look different. Such as some people have long hair, short hair, and facial hair. Also, what people wear are different as well. For example, some people wear glasses, hats, or scarves. Socializing our dogs helps them understand that people smell and look different, but the majority are a friend, not an enemy.  

Now communication, both verbal and physical are the most important aspects for us to learn. As pet parent, we are responsible to understand the verbal, as well as the physical correspondent our furry loved ones are attempting to convey to us.

Just the same as us humans communication varies among the animals, even on an individual level. The amazing aspects when we take the time, we see all communication becomes understandable, even when we speak different languages and styles. Understanding the variety of communication is the key to limit misunderstanding among people and animals. Also, realizing even our furry loved ones have emotions, sympathies, desires, as well a variety if methods to communicate allows us to have a honest path to a healthy communication. 

See full story on the variety of verbal and physical communication with tips on understanding and being social at Bully Breed Passion "Socializing and communication with a Bully"

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind? How do you communicate with the world or with your furry loved one?

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