Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Former Police Chief of Miami Starves and Abuses His Dogs

Sad a lawmaker allowed his dogs to starve

Picture found on Miami Herald
Lady facing a unknown future after being rescued from Ronald Wilson Property.
Lady facing a unknown future after being rescued. 

The Miami Herald (MH) reports former police chief Ronald Wilson of Opa-locka Miami was charged with abuse to his two German Shepards named "Thug" and "Lady" after authorities discovered the two dogs left starving in his backyard while Wilson was on a cruise. According to the report for Miami Herald, the two German Shepard were so starved their skin was cracked and bleeding, their eyes were oozing, as well as they had little teeth. What teeth were left were in bad condition and fractured. These two German Shepard, Lady and Thug were nothing but a bag of bones when authorities discovered them.

Also according to Miami Herald report, Thug is in worse condition then Lady. Thug had several broken bones, along with a few bullets that did not heal properly. I wonder what Wilson had done to Thug over the years. According to the report, both Lady and Thug are recovering at "Dezzy’s Second Chance Animal Rescue". Lady is on a special diet for gaining weight and faces surgery to correct her eye (MH). Also, Lady had twenty-eight lumps removed and now is gaining weight (MH). Thug takes things daily and is struggling to walk (MH). Appears both Lady and Thug are their way to recovery, a long and painful recovery. 

Thankfully according to MH report, Wilson is being charged with a felony. Also, Wilson had already lost his job in 2002 and police chief. Wilson has pleaded not guilty and has offered no explanation for Lady's or Thug's condition (MH). Wilson made a statement of feeling guilty (MH). Perhaps, Wilson feeling of guilt is because he is guilty of neglect, abuse, and torture of Lady and Thug. 

Since Wilson has been a person that was taught and paid to uphold the law, there is no excuse for Wilson actions and lack of care to Lady and Thug. Due to Wilson being a former police chief, he should be held to the highest accountability. His punishment should be the maximum of the law that is allowed to showcase that even a person that as authority is not above the law, as well must live by higher moral standards. 

All my trips are planned around my furry loved ones. When we adventure on day trips, I insure my dogs have a good breakfast before we leave. Also, I bring lots of water, treats, as well as snacks to tie the boys over until dinner. I feed my dogs twice a day, along with snacks. I could not see skipping a meal unless there was no other option. I feel guilty to have my dogs miss a meal. Plus, my dogs remind me when the hour is approaching for breakfast or dinner.

I know among pet parents taking a day off once a week to fast is popular when feeding fresh food. Yet, most of my dogs are in stages that I disagree with the dogs fasting. For example, Angel is getting older, even closer to death these days. He is already skinny and needs the energy just doing the dogie basics, such as laying in the sun or going potty. Another example is Bojangles is on heart worm medication. He needs his daily meals to keep protein and vitamins in Bojangles system to fight the parasites. The last example is Sir. Duke. His is still growing and fast. Sir. Duke is growing lots of big Bully muscles and needs the nutrition to properly grow and become healthy. As well as Sir. Duke becomes Bully grumpy when growing. I would not want to add hungry pains to his already growing pains.  

So, the only time I agree with a fasting is if the dog needs or can afford the fasting of food. For example, a dog that is overweight may indeed be a great idea to allow the digestion to relax once a week. Also, sometimes dogs will skip a meal naturally. In the wild all animals eat daily, as well as know when to not to eat. Forcing a dog to face days on end without food is cruel and unjust, specially for Wilson that had the means to care for Lady and Thug. If Wilson could afford a vacation, he had enough revenue to hire someone to care for Lady and Thug. Wilson knew what he was doing to Lady and Thug, as well as the lack of proper care was unmoral and against the law.   

So far there has been no trial date set (MH). I wonder if Wilson as connections in high places and will evade paying for his crimes against Lady and Thug. Time will tell.

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