Monday, November 21, 2016

Bummy Bullies on a Cold Day

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Staying in the home all day  to snuggle is a Bully dream.
Staying in the home all day  to snuggle is a Bully dream.

All personally vary,yet laziness has a way of being common in all breeds, especially the Bully Breed. The sun was shining bright this weekend in Texas. From the inside of the house, the weather was a picture perfect day. However, when we stepped outside, we felt the cold front that moved in Friday night.

We had a few adventures planned this weekend. One was going after some free tennis balls and revealing our secret. The other adventure was to enjoy another trail on the river walk. However, the lazy Bullies in my house won the weekends agenda with yawns, stretches, snuggles, and endless dogie naps. 

I can always tell how the weather is outside by the warmth or coolness of Sir. Duke and Bojangles ears and underbelly. Also, the boys sleep-in and go outside less often when life is too cold or hot. Even when the boys have been in the warm house and the weather outside is cool their ears stay cool. The only time the boys ears become warm when the weather is cool outside is when they snuggle under a blanket with me. 

My boys are easily happy with a little activity. Once a week can satisfy Sir. Duke and Bojangles all week, depending on weather, even longer. For example, when the weather is too hot or cold, the boys can go without a outside adventure for weeks. However, when the weather becomes perfect in the mid 70's (Fahrenheit), they do not mind daily adventures.

Since I provide my boys with toys and a yard to play-in, taking a walk is a bonus. Also, taking walks is more for me to train them, as well as deepen our bonds. In all reality, walking is more for me and not the dogs. So, I base all our walking adventures on how my dogs feel and the weather. A lazy dog will let you know when going out is in the cards or not. We should never push under the principle of needed exercise. 

The funny thing is my boys will look at me with a "are you crazy" look, stretch and yawn on the days they do not want to go on a adventure. Also, if I persist, Sir. Duke and Bojangles walks slow and as well are eager to return home.  

Of course, if I have to go on a errand, no matter the weather, the boys love to go anywhere with me, even when it is too hot or cold only to be disappointed. So, I select the errands that Sir. Duke and Bojangles will enjoy the most, as well as be safe and healthy. 

A good pet parent understand all dogs are different. Some Bullies love activities all year round and are very athletic, while some , such as Sir. Duke and Bojangles, not so much. The secret is to know our furry love ones personality and abilities. We must never allow pressure from what we think is right for our furry loved ones. Yet, focus on what our furry loved ones need, even when the plans have to change. 

My boys and I match each other perfect in personality. Just as Sir. Duke and Bojangles, I work hard when needed. Also, a perfect day is a lazy day that includes cuddling with Sir. Duke and Bojangles. Just the same as my boys, I enjoy working smarter, not harder, so we can have our daily lazy Bully time, especially on cold days. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Tell me what is on your mind? Is your furry loved one same as you active or loves lazy days? 

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