Friday, December 2, 2016

A Bully Saves A Young Lady From Being Raped

Another Bully Hero

Picture found on US
Apollo the Hero
Apollo the Hero

US New reports a Pit Bull name Apollo saved a young 18 year women named Maya Fairweather from being raped while on a nightly walk in Brooklyn, New York. 

According to the US report, the attacker had knocked Fairweather to the ground after she had release Apollo in the park to run and play. Apollo return quick to Fairweather grabbing the attacker's leg until the man  let go of Fairweather and ran off (US).

I wonder if the attacker had not seen the dog. I know when I walk my dogs in the dark they are difficult to be seen. Typically, I will walk with a buddy, as well as have reflectors on the dogs leashes and collars. 

As Sir. Duke become closer to 125 lbs and Bojangles about 75 LBS, I feel safer having someone walk with us. I use to take late night walks, as well as early morning before the sun rises alone with all five dogs. Yet, as the boys become bigger and more protective, I fond myself being more aware where and when we walk. 

People approaching us is normally not the issue. Most people stay in the vehicle when they do say hello when I am walking the five extra large dogs. Simply walking one of the Bullies down the street keeps the average person on the other-side of the street and me safe. The only time people approach  me is when I take the boys shopping. When we go out to do errands is when most people become curious and want to pet Sir. Duke or Bojangles. 

I am impress Fairweather has faith to allow her Pit Bull off the leash at a park. Personally, I prefer to keep my boys close to me and on a leash when we are in public. Sir. Duke and Bojangles loves to hunt small animals. I use to take Sir. Duke at a park near the Waco, Texas lake until one day he decided to take a 20 minute run after a flock of deer. Another reason I would keep Sir. Duke and Bojangles on a leash is I know Bullies are protective naturally without training. I keep other people and animals safe, as well as Sir. Duke and Bojangles when I have them on leashes while in public. 

Because of the unreasonable laws and how Bully have a bad reputation, I recommend to keep a Bully leashed when in public, unless 100 % sure. Also, I do not recommend parks that other pet parents utilize. I will take my boys only to places I know I have full control, as well as less likely to be other animals in the area. Also, no dog parks. Just the same as us humans, not all dogs become friends. However, a Bully is always the first to blame regardless who was the one that started the trouble. 

No matter the case on or off the leash, Apollo is a great example of the hero Pit Bull. Also, Apollo reminds us that the breed banning is not a solution, but a discrimination law. Training, education, and appreciation of the purpose of all breeds is a step to understanding the Bully breed, specifically the Pit Bull. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

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