Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Gift For The Furry Loved One When Invited To A Party

Everyone loves the guess that brings gifts to a party

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No matter celebration, have a great and safe holiday! happy holiday
No matter celebration, have a great and safe holiday!

Winter is the season for lots of holiday events and celebrations.Traditionally the guess bring a gift for the host to show gratitude and appreciation. The person that remembers the host furry loved ones are always the favorite and is insured to have future invites. 

No matter if we know the furry loved one or not bringing a gift when invited is a special treat for the furry loved one and is a pleasant surprise for the host. To insure safely of the furry loved ones always give the gift to the hosting pet parent. 

Always purchase a toy or treat appropriate for the breed and age of the animal. 

Some of the best generic gifts are:
  1. Organic dog or puppy cookies (purchased or homemade)
  2. A small decorative cookie bowl with organic cookies
  3. Dog Umbrella ( for the upcoming wet season)
  4. Scarfs
  5. Sweaters
  6. Rope to plat tug of war ( the boys always are in need of a good rope)
  7. Tennis ball
  8. Frosty Paws (ice cream for dogs)
  9. A variety pack of small toys 
  10. Raw hide (my boys favorite)
Gifts are only limited to personal budget and imagination. The most important thing is if we do not know the furry loved one be sure to give all gifts to the pet parent host to approve. 

One thing for sure, my dogs love the guess the most that keep them in mind. Gifts leave lasting impressions on both the furry loved ones and host. Also, the guess that tend to bring a present often plays and spend time with our furry loved ones. Having guess spend time with  furry loved ones helps both the pet parent and the furry loved one. The furry loved one is gaining social skills, as well as insured basic needs are met. The pet parent receive a gift of moments to simply enjoy the party. 

No matter the gift, the thought is what matter. Have a blessed holiday. Remember to be safe and have a sober friend to keep the party peaceful and happy. Never drink and drive, especially when we have our furry loved ones with us.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal education and awareness, while helping to find homes for dog in need. 

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Do you bring the Host furry loved one a gift when invited to a party? 

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