Thursday, December 1, 2016

Animals Are A Great Guide from God

Nature and animals are a great example of the higher power and purpose of life

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
The truth lies in nature and animals.
The truth lies in nature and animals.

Every person has a moral compass or belief system that is utilized as a tool to guide him or her in this life. Philosophers since the beginning of mankind of taught us to look to nature and animals to understand God and the universal laws. One of the animals that is a great example of God's unconditional love and forgiveness is the dog, especially the Bully breed. 

There are traditional beliefs and religion of mankind, then there is the true spiritual laws of life. We only discover these basic laws when we study nature, wildlife, as well as domesticated animals.

Join me to explore what all the great philosophers has know since the beginning of mankind, understanding the higher power mankind calls “God” through all that has been designed under and beyond earth skies, as well as our individual purposes.

For hundreds of years philosophers have known to understand the universe basic laws and a person purpose is discovered through nature and all the life that lives on earth. Certain laws both physical and spiritual cannot be denied. Every law can be labeled in different terms from science, Christianity to the Jews. Understanding the physical and spiritual laws allows us to live a peaceful, clearly guided, and successful life regardless of the labels.
Today we will explore the scared dog. The dog serves to mankind as a guidance and protection in the physical (journey in this life) and spiritual world. The dog has been know to guide as well in the afterlife. One of the reason I love the dog”, especially the Bully breed, is the dog reveals to mankind what unconditional love, loyalty, faithfulness, patience, gratitude, servitude, and forgiveness really means in the true raw spirit.

The dog can bring lots lessons to mankind, including knowing when to be our own best friend and loyal to another person. The Druid Dog Oracle known as Cu’ is the guardian of the mysteries. If our intentions are within good spirits, the Cu’ will guide us over the darkness and the rough or still waters of the unconscious towards the glowing warmth and peaceful realm of God.

Also, dog serves mankind as noble warriors that warn us when danger is near or approaching. They help us hunt for all we need. Moreover, the dog provides warmth and comfort on cold winter nights. The dog is the true servant to mankind without conditions or expectations in return. The dog represent  each persons' personal truths.  

Furthermore, the dog protects all that is sacred to mankind trust, faithfulness, loyalty, friendship, and family. Also, the dog remind us to be loyal, respectful, and true to ourselves as well as too others.

The dog is one of the greatest example of  living in the present moment, letting go of judgments, a balance of loyalty to others, as well as ourselves, protecting all that is morally right and good, and to trust in the guiding spirits of the universe.

The dog is the closest raw spirit that God can be clearly felt and seen when a person takes the time to understand and love the dog. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need.

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Do you see the higher power “God” in nature, wild and domesticated animals? Do you see God's sweet present and influence within your puppy or dog?

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