Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Basic Holiday Tips For Our Furry Loved Ones

​​Safety tips to keep our furry loved ones safe this holiday season by Eve Hoffman
12/13/16 10:40 am

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Keeping us safe is number one priority, along with great food and holiday fun!!
Keeping us safe is number one priority, along with great food and holiday fun!!

The holiday season brings lots of great food, family, friends, decorations, and exciting moments. Before we become lost in all the festivities, we must take a moment and insure some basic safety rules are in place for our furry loved ones.

No matter the holiday or celebration one great rule to remember is providing safe place for our furry loved ones to retreat to when they become overwhelmed or simply tired. A room away from the noise and people would be ideal. Depending on age, the puppy or dog may have to be shown this special space a few times before the dog or puppy chooses on his or her own. Luckily cats will naturally find a safe place when unfamiliar people arrive. My cats like to hide in corners and shadows.

Second basic rule should be established are treats. What kind of treats and how much can be given by guess is a must, so our furry loved ones are not overfed in the name of love. Also, if there is any food allergies, guess must be informed  in advance, so they do not feed something unhealthy to our furry loved ones as well.

Third basic rule is to exercise our furry loved ones before guests arrive. Even playing with the cat, kitten, puppy, or dog indoors is a great way to lower stress for the animals. For dogs a play and a good ten minute walk shortly before the first guests arrive is recommended. One great thing about walking the puppy or dog is not having to take care of dogie business until later after all the guests arrive and settle for the festivities. Also, plan when the puppy or dog will be taken out to take care of dogie business throughout the festivities to insure no accidents.

If your holiday includes a Christmas Tree, securing the tree around dogs and cats is a must.  Cats naturally enjoy climbing. I notice in the past  both my dogs and cats enjoy drinking the water as well as eating and chasing anything that sparkles. Also, be careful of mistletoe. Mistletoe has been known to get furry loved ones sick and cause death. Be sure to keep mistletoe out of reach of all animals.

Would like more safety holiday tips, see full article at Bully Breed Passion. Also, be sure to stop and visit my  Art Page, as well as  Eve's Hidden Treasure. I am adding a few things later today that may be the perfect last minute gift for the holidays.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while having to help find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. How do you celebrate the holidays with your furry loved ones? 

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