Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bully Are Naturally Protective No Need To Train

Basic training, love, fresh food, and time is all that is needed.

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
I am naturally protective of the people that love and care for me.
I am naturally protective of the people that love and care for me.
My husband and I often joke how a person would have to step over all five dogs to get to us in the middle of the night. Recently, Sir. Duke showed me getting into the room would be an impossible task for a stranger while he is on duty, regardless if Sir. Duke is asleep or not.

At night I sleep with five large dogs in one room. The room size is about a 10 x 14 foot room. I have a California King bed and frame. There is one night stand and a small closet. Each dog has a place where he or she chooses to sleep around and top of the bed. 

Sammy is a warm blooded Labrador and German Shepard mix I rescued from a trailer park.  Sammy enjoys sleeping in front of the bedroom door, or just outside of the room. She prefers to sleep alone all year. 

Now Kujo, the weather will determined where he sleeps. Kujo is a German Shepard and Chow Chow mix I rescued that was locked in a shed for a few months when he was about four months old. In the summer, Kujo will sleep where ever the fan is blowing the cold air the most. Typically in front of my bed. yet, in the winter he will curl-up on the side of the bed and attempt to sneak-up onto the bed later in the early morning hours to cuddle for some warmth. 

Next is Angel. He is a Labrador and Irish Setter mix. Angel is a rescue I saved from a shelter when he was about six months old. He will sleep beside the bed. Angel has never been a cuddlier and becomes hot easily. Typically Angel will lie where there is a breeze or air flow. Angel loves to play in the snow and ice. The house would have to be frozen inside and out for days before Angel would want to sleep with another person or dog. Yet in turn, Angel does not care to sleep alone. So, he is always within a few feet of one of us. 

Sir. Duke and Bojangles were born to cuddle. I have slept with Sir. Duke since he was about six weeks old. Sir. Duke has been at my side for over two and half years now. Today, Sir Duke sleeps right beside me, head to head. Recently, his new thing is to steal my pillow. I am lucky on most days Sir. Duke shares the blanket.

We rescued Bojangles about a year or so ago from a family that had no time to properly care for him. Sleeping with people was not allowed with his old pet parent. So, the first year Bojangles slept under the bed. This year Bojangles is a new additional to the bed, in which Sir. Duke is not impressed. Sir. Dukes wants a large space between Bojangles and himself. I wish they had grew-up together as babies. Perhaps, they would be out to snuggle  with each other more. 

When the weather is hot or warm Bojangles still sleeps under my bed. Yet, as the weather is getting colder Bojangles no longer cares what Sir. Duke desires. Bojangles will come to bed about thirty minutes before Sir. Duke and I go to bed. Bojangles will lay in the middle of the bed. Typically Bojangles will stay in the same spot all night. He will flip and move a little, yet over all keeps his position in the middle. The middle of the bed has always been Sir. Duke's spot. So, I have learned to flip over on the bed, putting Bojangles at the end of my feet and Sir Duke beside me in the middle. 

Well, the first night I flipped over on the bed Sir. Duke woke me with a shocking lunge and growl to stop Kujo from stepping on my face. All of us was shocked. Thankfully Kujo backed down and laid on the floor. Kujo had a shock look of what just happen and why are you laying that way. For nine years now Kujo has been sneaking on the bed. He has never once seen me upside down on the bed.  However, Kujo learned quickly for now on to check to see if he can get on the bed. as well as where Sir. Duke and I are laying on the bed. I also leaned how protective Sir. Duke can become when I need him or not. 

Sir. Duke is trained for the basics commands, such as sit, lay down, come, stay, heal, and halt. I have never trained him for protection. Sir. Duke and Bojangles naturally understands who and what is safe. The more I care and love my dogs, the more protective the dogs become naturally. 

Dogs are the same as people, they too become protective to maintain acceptance, love, food, water, shelter, and safety. Once a dog achieves all the basic training, protecting becomes natural. Basic training, such as sit, stay, and lay down are all that is needed for both the safety of the dog, as well as others. 

Dogs are very sensitive to energy changes. Dogs will be aware of danger well before a person is in most cases. Simply having basic commands learned, such as halt, heal, come, and stop allows the dog to know how to cope with danger in a manner most people would approve. 

A good guard dog is a loved dog that is trained with basic commands and manners. Also, a dog only guards what can be loved and give love in return, not material possessions. So, when the dog lives with a person or family, such as Sir. Duke and Bojangles lives with me, the dog will become naturally protective without special training. Thankfully I had the word halt to stop Sir. Duke and Kujo from taking things too far.

I have not had an a issue and the beware of dog sign seems to keep the criminal element moving onto a easier home. Yet, now what could happen if someone tried to trespass is no longer jokes of what ifs, we now know Sir. Duke would be the first to protect me with a deep scary growl and lunge. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment tell me what is on you mind. Do agree or disagree and why? 


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