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Dealing with a Focus Bully, Especially a Pit Bull Terrier requires Pet Parent Training.

Understanding the individual breed is a great start to knowing how to teach our furry loved ones!

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What Now you want to go on a walk I just picked up a good smell walking and training is part of basic care
Walking and training is part of basic love and care. 

Over the years I have realized some traits in certain breeds cannot be removed though conditioning and training. The secret is to learn to accept the common traits and incorporate within the training. 

For example, Bojangles is for certain a Bull dog mix with some kind of Terrier. This makes him a Pit Bull Terrier. Bojangles has a high drive for chasing and catching small pry from chickens and squirrels to raccoon and possums. Just like any good Terrier, Bojangles is amused by the slightest little movements and frighten by the loud noises. 

So, no toy can make noise. Yet, a toy that sparks the hunter in him is perfect to keep Bojangles satisfied. Since, Bojangles does not care to chase balls, I find what toys that are designed to have cats chase is the perfect toy to get Bojangles's attention, as well as tire him out just before a walk or a training season. 

So, part of keeping Bojangles happy within the normal size yard in suburbia is to take him on daily walks. Since Bojangles has ended his treatment, daily walks in becoming a must.  

Since a terrier, such as Bojangles is always on the hunt and does not know property limits at times, keeping Bojangles microchip and his collar on is a must. Often times, furry loved ones get lost or stolen simply due to not having a collar or being microchip. Terriers are a popular type of dog that seem to be lost or stolen the most, especially when the dog is under two years old. 

A terrier personality is typically not known until it reaches almost 2 years old. Often times a terrier below 2 years can be misunderstood as being crazy or viscous due to learning the world with a high energy, as well as satisfying the hunter within. A good pet parent understand there will be lots of love and patience with any terrier under two years old.

Also, a terrier must have a routine. Terriers are highly intelligent, in which remembers and needs physical stimulation for the mind, as well as for the body. When a terrier is not on a walk, games and toys should be available to keep him or her entertained. Otherwise, a smart Terrier or Bully will create  his or her own fun, such as escaping the fence at 2:00 am to chase a raccoon.

If for some reason your terrier has gotten lose, please avoid running after him or her. The best method is to call and lure the Terrier back to you. A Terrier will keep running, especially if they see you are running in the same direction. Just like the other night when Sir. Duke and Bojangles escaped the yard at 2:00 in the morning, my first action was to run towards the boys. I had no luck. They kept running. Yet, my second action of staying still in front of the house, pleading for Sir. Duke and Bojangles to come home work in a matter of seconds. Even though it was difficult to stay still, standing, and simply calling was the best for the Terriers in Sir. Duke and Bojangles. 
Terriers are very smart, the one downside to them is the selective listening when on the hunt. Training during the times the dog or puppy is not in hunt mode is important to capture his or her attention in time of need. Practice, practice, and more practice. A pet parent will be surprise how much training can help or save a Bully's or Terrier's life, even when selective listen is occurring. 

No matter the Bully or how much Terrier, all Bullies need daily exercise to be a well rounded and happy puppy or dog. Exercise and basic training is a must. Daily practice allows learning, as well as deep bonding. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment. Do you have a terrier? Does your Terrier live up to the name or is calm?  

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