Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Bully Christmas Eve

Happy Bully Holiday Form all your friends at Bully Love and Devotion!!
Thanks for all the love, and support!! 

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Happy Bully Holiday. adopt before you shop
Happy Bully Holiday!!

Merry Christmas Eve from Sir. Duke and Bojangles. May you holiday be full of great food and festivities. Be sure to keep things safe and designate a sober friend to keep the party fun and alive.

The holiday brings gifts of love and joy. Sometimes the gift is a puppy or dog. Even after the excitement has worn off, remember that puppy or dog is still excited to enjoy every life moments with you faithful by your side. Be sure to care for your furry gift everyday and throughout the years to come. 

I personally do not care for furry gifts. Animals are not material things that can be pushed on someone. A furry life is a choice that comes with long time commitment, loyalty, and unconditional love. So, please do not forget that the first holiday is the only the first, with respect and love there will be years of holidays to come.

Happy Bully Christmas Eve. Enjoy and be Bully Safe. Have a blessed Bully day. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal education and awareness, while helping to find homes for a dogs in need. Adopt before you shop. 

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. What is the ideal holiday present? Should life me a gift? 

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