Thursday, December 15, 2016

Nuts and Seeds are Healthy For Dogs, Especially Pit Bulls

HEB Pistachio Recall 

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Nuts are not just for squirrels...
Nuts are not just for squirrels... 

Typically nuts and seeds are great source of nutrition for all animals, including the puppy or dog. The Bully Breed , such as the Pit Bull especially benefit from seeds and nuts due to the high proteins, fats, iron and vitamin B's. 

Just the same as us, dogs are sensitive to food issue, such as Salmonella. We must be aware of recalls, such as the raw pistachio recall from HEB. Even our furry loved ones can become sick and need medical attention when exposed to salmonella. 

Channel 10 news reports, HEB has placed a voluntary recall on the package raw shelled pistachio. 

Channel 10 news reports, "The recall involves raw pistachios in prepackaged plastic containers with labels that read either “Shelled Pistachios” or “Central Market Shelled Pistachios” as well as pistachios found in the bulk sections of H-E-B stores with SunRidge Farms labels that read “Women’s Vitality Mix, Pistachio Nuts and Dark Chocolate Pistachios.”
Recalled products
Shelled Pistachios 191200005 1/1/2017
Central Market Shelled Pistachios 198300006 1/1/2017
SRF Women's Vitality Mix 2706100000 5/15/2016
Pistachio Meats Raw Shelled 2702890000 5/15/2016
Dark Chocolate Pistachios 2705350000 5/15/2016
PPK SRF Women's Vitality Mix 2869780000 5/15/2016
(Source H-E-B)"
This time of year my Sir. Duke and Bojangles love the variety of nuts and seeds. Even for the boys know the best part of enjoying the winter festivities is with a handful of healthy nuts and seeds. Having nuts and seeds starts the celebration of winter.
Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 
Leave a comment. Do you give your furry loved ones nuts and seeds? Bojangles favorite seed is the sunflower seed. Sir. Duke love nuts. Especially the pecans that fall from our tree in front of the house. Sir. Duke loves when the squirrel drops a few along the route home.  

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