Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Perfect Stocking Stuffers For Our Furry Loved Ones

Bully Loved and Approved stocking Stuffers

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Winter is a magical time of the season. May all your dreams come true.
Winter is a magical time of the season. May all your dreams come true. 
This time a season is the perfect excuse to spoil and enhance the lives of our furry family members without breaking the bank.

All dogs or puppies love treats and goodies. There are a variety of great stocking stuffers that a pet parent can provide. Here is a few suggested and Bully approved  stocking stuffers by Sir. Duke and Bojangles. 
  1. Holiday cookies (purchased or homemade) 
  2. A bag of small treats ( training size is ideal) 
  3. Raw hide sticks ( candy cane, as well as normal small sticks)
  4. Holiday cat teaser ( this present is great for any Bully that has any Terrier in the blood line. The cat teaser provides exercise, as well as satisfies the hunting need of a terrier.)
  5. Holiday floppy toys (size depends on size of puppy or dog)
  6.  Special Holiday collars
  7. Special Holiday body collars
  8.  New leash
  9. Special Holiday sweater or shirt
  10. Giant Holiday rawhide (even the smallest of puppies and dogs get enjoyment out of wrestling a huge rawhide, plus watching can be fun. Be sure to supervise) 
  11. A holiday stalking pack 
  12.  Holiday fleece toys
  13. Holiday bows ( if you are into dressing up your furry loved one, me, not so much.)
  14. Tennis balls 
  15. Pet store gift card
  16. A training video (training level or subject depends on need or desire.)
  17. A training book (training level or subject depends on need or desire.)
No matter the gift or treats, just the same as people, the thought and love behind the jester is the true gift. Even our furry loved one loves and appreciates treats and goodies. Matter of fact motivation can be fueled by treats. Also, the holidays, especially after the holiday is the best time of the year to stock-up on goodies, treats, and needed accessories, because not only do we get to love, care, and spoil our furry family members, we save money. 

Do you celebrate the holidays with your furry loved ones? What gifts is on his or he wish list this year? Is there a special treat you buy or make each year? Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

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