Friday, December 16, 2016

Top Present This Holiday That is a Must for The Furry Loved Ones

Holidays is a great time to spoil our Furry Loved ones!

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The best gift come from the heart. Happy Holiday
The best gift come from the heart. 

I love sales after the holidays has passed. My furry loved ones celebrate all I do within the present moment, except for purchased presents. Presents are received whenever there is a great sale throughout the year. One of the best times to stock-up on toys, sweaters, bedding, and treats is after a big holiday, such as Christmas. 

CNBC reports the top present in 2016 are ones that allow us to watch our furry loved ones when we away, hidden cams, and collar cams to track our furry loved ones' movements with GPS. Also, a Ball blaster for Fido to run and a ketch a ball. 

Another growing trend is the smart feeder, as well as the smart collar to help monitor our furry loved ones to insure the perfect potions at meal time.

For the kittens or cats, CNBC reports, a self-cleaning cat box is a perfect present. When my cats stayed only inside the house, I had a self-cleaning cat box. Not only did the cats love the box , so did I. Having the machine clean when I was busy truly freed my time, so I could enjoy more playtime with the cats. 

Another great present that is on the trend is self-warming cots for dogs or puppies. As the cold weather sets in, a new warm bed for our furry loved ones is always a great gift. 

My boys, Sir. Duke and Bojangles are young. The boys love to play tug of war with everything, including blankets. Also, the dogs beds are wearing out at the seems. So, this year presents may consist of new ropes to play tug of war, new blankets, and beds. I am not sure about the heated beds. My dogs live in the house. I can see a heated cot for the furry loved ones that has to be left outside. However, when my dogs get cold, the heat get turn on or up, sweater are worn, and a hot water bottle is placed in each bed.

Also, to celebrate winter, I love to bake. I will be baking fresh goodies all winter, for both the husband and dogs. My dogs enjoy each sweet treat and look forward to the homemade present that cannot be bought in stores. My homemade presents also tease them with a sweet aroma that lingers throughout the house for hours and days. 

Also, I am thinking of getting a bigger food bowl for Bojangles this year. His head seems to be out-growing his current bowl. I notice the dogs eat much better when they have clean bowls that provide enough room.

For me, sales will drive my ideal present for my furry loved ones this holiday, along with their needs. Of course, most people say my basic standards is just the beginning of how spoil and loved my animals are during and past the holidays. Sales for me is simple an excuse to love and care for my furry loved ones. Also, sales allows more treats and love for the whole family. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness, and education, while helping to finds homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment. What present does you furry loved ones look forward to this time of season? Do you buy the present to honor the tradtion on time or do you buy and give the present after the holiday to take advantage of the sales? 

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