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Part of caring for our furry loved ones is daily and weekly chores.

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Basic chores and maintenance shows caring.
Basic chores and maintenance shows caring.

Weekly Bully Chores A Must! Part of caring for our furry loved ones is daily and weekly chores. Caring for our furry loved ones goes beyond fresh food, water, and a place to live. Proper care includes daily chores, such as washing water and food bowls, as well as sweeping. However, daily chores are simply maintenance and weekly care maintains a proper environment of the health of our furry loved ones. So, the boys, Sir Duke and I will be busy this Saturday taking care of Bully chores. 

Channel 10 news reports, a Fort Hood, Texas women is sentence after authorities found she had abused and neglected her animals. According to KWTX "A Fort Hood woman was sentenced Wednesday in Waco’s federal court after she earlier pleaded guilty to animal cruelty".

Also, according to KTWTX "Carolyn A. Aaron to serve 45 days in jail, plus a $25 fine". The Report reveals Aaron had a repairman at the house that had reported to authorities a foul order and the neglected animals. The repairman reported rotten food, urine, and feces throughout the house. Furthermore, the repair man reported seeing one dog laying on the floor in bad condition.

Aaron is a reminder we must keep our homes clean and maintained for ourselves, as well for the health of our furry loved ones. Even my dogs love to lay on a clean surface.  The boys become excited when their bedding are washed. Each one attempts to be the first to lay on the fresh clean bed. 

Daily Basic Chores
  1. Pick up dogie business in the front and back yard, as well as any trash that may have blown in the yard
  2. Sweep all hard floor surfaces in the house, vacuum carpets
  3. Take out trash
  4. Wash water and food  bowls (food bowls is twice a day since the dogs eat twice a day)
  5. Provide fresh water ( a few times a day)
Weekly Basic Chores
  1. Mow lawn
  2.  Rake and remove leaves in yard
  3. Trim bushes and trees if needed
  4. Clean dogie pool
  5. Pick up trash that may have blown in the yard
  6. Mop all hard surfaces with a vinegar  solution of half and half, or bleach just a few splash per bucket of water. 
  7. Wash blankets
  8. Wash all dog beds
  9. Powder furry loved ones with edible diatomaceous earth for fleas and pest.
  10. Dust, light fixtures, furniture,nick knacks, and so on....
Abuse and neglect starts with not caring for the basic of the home. In a ideal world, everyone, regardless if they lived with a furry loved one would keep basic chores for health of the mind, body and spirit. Basic cleaning chores is a must when a person is a pet parent. 

The Boys and I have a Bully list that we take care of daily and weekly. Living a healthy life includes basic cleaning chores. What is on your list of must be done? 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment. Tell me what is your favorite and/or least care for chore.

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