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The Name Game to Help Training and Bonding

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
 Did you say my name The boys always pay extra attention, especially when their names are called...
The boys always pay extra attention, especially when their names are called...
A simple Game to Help Training and Bonding, Especially with a Fearful Puppy or Dog.
Updated 01/23/17: 

Illustration by Video of the name with Eve, Sir. Duke and Bojangles Hoffman.
See past original post for video. 

Original post 01/20/17:
The name game is simple and helps build trust, while teaching the puppy or dog his or her name is positive.

The name game can be preformed with any treat that the pet parent would like to utilize, as well as the puppy or dog would enjoy  to eat.

Treats can consist of: 
  1. Popcorn
  2. Dog cookies
  3. Pieces of jerky (any kind)
  4. Fruit
  5. Veggies
  6. A good boy or girl praises for 20 seconds
  7. A favorite toy (to hold, fetch, or chew for a few minutes)
  8. Puppy's or dog's meals (dogs love to work for their food, also builds confidence) 
  9. Extra snuggle time
  10. and so to imagination and the puppy's or dogs desires.
The game:

Take a treat say the name and give the treat to the dog or puppy. Keep repeating. The name game is simple the puppy or dog does not need do anything other then listen for his or her name to be called. Simply say the name and treat. repeat this process for a few minutes each time.

Eventually overtime the puppy or dog will look right to you when you say his or her name. Best to practice the name game a few minutes before and after a training session. 

The name game can be done at anytime, such as when watching a movie or TV show. Another great time to practice is when a person comes to the house or home and you want the puppy's or dog's attention. 

The key is to make the name game part of the positive training to insure you will always have your puppy's or dog's attention in time of need. Also, the puppy or dog will associations the name with a positive and loving action or moment. 

The name game is especially good for adopted puppies or dogs. The name game allows the puppy or dog to get to know you, as well as know his or her already giving name or new name. Remember, all dogs even older ones can learn new tricks, being creative sometimes is the key to success. Creating a firm positive foundation insure a lifetime of loving and learning for both you and your furry loved ones.

Also, the name game can help build confidence in fearful puppies or dogs.  

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and education while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Have you played the name game.

Video created by Eve Hoffman

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