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The Key to Success is Listening

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Life is sweet when trust and love is deep as the earth center. I love you, Sir. Duke!!
Life is sweet when trust and love is deep as the earth center.
I love you, Sir. Duke!!
The Key to Success is Listening to our Furry Loved One. A good Pet Parent listen to all clues. Listening to our Furry Loved One is the Key to Success, Especially with a Fearful Puppy or Dog
Updated: 01/23/17

Training our furry loved is a lifetime, as well as a daily moment by moment activity. Our furry loved ones are trained how they are lead.

We always want to teach and love our furry loved ones how we want to on a daily basis, even in bad moments. So, what maybe cute when our furry love ones are babies may not be so cute when he or she becomes a large adult.

For example, when our furry loved ones are babies jumping on our shoulders maybe cute, yet when he or she becomes an adult, that same move maybe impossible due to weight and size. So, picture how you want to greet your puppy even into adulthood. Having a strong leadership sets up not only future positive and safe rules, but trust as well.

Remember,especially for fearful and territorial puppies or dogs a sound, positive, and strong leadership is necessary.

I am guilty myself of wanting to over-love and give. However, I too must remind myself from time to time that sometimes I say no, or not allow an activity, because I love and only want the best for my furry loved ones as individuals and as the pack (family).

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while finding homes for dogs in need.

Leave a comment tell me what is on your mind. Do you learn first, or do you learn as you teach your furry loved ones?

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Do agree or disagree?

Updated post: 01/20/17

There are many reason a fearful dog will act out with aggression. Sometimes when a new dog has enter the pack (family) another dog may intimidate until all is adjusted. So, especially when we have a furry loved one that did not act aggressive before the new arrival, we must look to see why and train or retain if needed. 

Be sure to never punish for warning signs. Being warned of potential arguments can be positive if the pet parent handles the situations proper. 

Always consult a professional for personal assistants if needed. All tips that are provided are for general use. Some dogs with extreme fear or territorial issue may need special guidance. 

Original post 01/17/17

In recent days, Bojangles and Sir. Duke have been in foul and negative moods for similar reasons, growing pains. The only aspects that sets Bojangles different from Sir. Duke is he was adopted and recently went through heart worm treatment, in which is harsh and can make a dog act aggressive when not feeling well. So, our bond and trust is not built the same as Sir. Duke. 

Sir. Duke, I have raised since he was about six weeks old. Him and I have built a love and bond that Sir. Duke leans on with he is not feeling well. Sir. Duke requires kisses and hugs when he is hurting or simply tired.

Sir. Duke is growing everyday. Each day his chest gets bigger, as well as he is becoming a little taller and wider. Sir. Duke's ears and head grows a little more each day to match his large body. On days Sir. Duke grows the most, he wants to sleep and have me hold him, as well as give kisses all over his body (if I would). Sir. Duke also becomes territorial. He sometimes will snap at the other dogs that attempt to be petted by me while I am cuddling Sir. Duke. 

So, I must constantly provide a job for Sir. Duke. To keep the balance of peace in the house, I add positive training for Sir. Duke daily. Sometimes I train Sir. Duke in short moments and several times throughout the day. The activity tires Sir. Duke, as well helps to provide a positive attitude.

Now, Bojangles was adopted. He has lots of fear and anxiety. Bojangles acts as if he faced harsh abuse and little comfort in his first year or so of his life. Bojangles threatens to bite when he is hurting and hides under the bed if a person forces kisses or hugs. Also, Bojangles runs fast through the door way leading outside as if to avoid a hit when he goes in or out of the house. So, with Bojangles, I too provide positive training when he is feeling well. Also, I let Bojangles approach me when he wants comfort, such as hugs and kisses. No one is allowed to put his or her face in Bojangles's face. Bojangles appears to the most nervous when a person places his or her face directly into Bojangles's face. 

Even though Bojangles is a fearful dog and had been neglected, he can heal. Since I am aware of his needs and how he communicates, in time he can heal and be retrained. Just like any dog of any breed that has been neglected and abused by a young adult and child, Bojangles will not be trusted with strangers or small children unsupervised.

I normally do not care to speak of any Bully in a negative light, yet, when we recognize all the personality of the individual dog, regardless of breed is when true bonding and training can begin. Just as people, puppies and dogs of all breeds vary in personality, likability, and friendliness. Being aware and listing to our furry loved ones is one of the keys to a happy, peaceful, and successful relationship with our furry loved ones. Also, understanding our furry loved ones is important for our furry loved ones to have a safe, long, and peaceful life.  

Bites are avoidable. Bites is a result of bad parenting, lack of listening, not paying attention, and training. Also, our furry loved ones pickup on our moods. If the puppy or dog is always mad, perhaps the pet parent needs to look within to see the leader is guiding down this dark path for whatever negative reason, including stress and anxiety.

Yes, often times adopted puppies and dogs come with a little extra work and love needed. However, the amount of work and love, the end results of saving another life and the unconditional love, as well as the endless benefits makes all efforts worth more then anyone person can dream. The sad part is even a puppy that is brought into a home can be homeless within the first six months simply from the pet parents' lack of understanding how to listen, love, and teach the puppy. So, never fear to adopt, embrace the endless love and rewards. Even old dogs can learn new tricks, especially when there is love and a treat, as well as proper leadership involved.  

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need.

Tell me what is on your mind. Do you know the how to listen to the body language, as well as the sounds the puppy or dog makes. 

Did you know when a puppy or dog freezes, this is one of the signs of prepare to protect and attack? Stay tune for more updates on how to listen to your furry loved one. 

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