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Please Do Not Abandon Your Furry Loved Ones

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
The ideal home is wherever family lives happy and healthy. no room needed just your love
The ideal home is wherever family lives happy and healthy.

The ideal home is a human concept, dogs simply want to be with the pack (family). No Big Home Needed, Please Do Not Abandon Your Furry Loved Ones. Dogs are pack animals, wherever the pack goes, so do all the dogs. No matter the size of the home, the dog or puppy is simply happy to be with the family (the pack). 

Whenever I post a dog or puppy in need of a new home due to someone moving to a smaller place, I  get disappointed. I know by personal experience a puppy or dog is happy to live in a shoe box, as long there is love and basic care. 

I have lived in small apartments, travel trailers to large houses with huge back yards. Yes, of course my animals love the big houses and backyards. Yet, they also love being with me no matter where the adventure takes them, even when I have had multiple of animals in a 17 foot travel trailer.

Yes, living in a travel trailer is not ideal living. I had to live in a travel trailer for a few years due to my construction company found work throughout the United States, as well as my home state of California.  At the time I had two cats and one large 110 pound dog, Flat Coat Retriever. Every time we would get on the road, all the animals, including the cats got excited. Now, the cats saw the world from inside the trailer, since I feared them getting lost. The most time we would stay was three months in one location. So, I never felt the cats would be safe. 

The cats would sit in the window as we drove to our next job or state. The cats never tried to run away. Even to this day, my dog (Angle) gets excited when he sees our travel trailer. He is always hopeful for another adventure, even though his last adventure was ten years ago. 

No matter how long my day was, I had to ensure Angel was walked several times a day and night. The bonus was having Angel as protection when we traveled. I was able to walk him wherever I pleased, while my husband got gas, food, snacks, and so on. Having Angel stay with us in the small living space was not a burden, yet a blessing. Despite, Angel's high energy when we did travel, due to he was a puppy, he always was tired at the end of the day and was happy to wait in the 17 foot travel trailer for me while I work.

No matter the case, a trailer, or an apartment, the secret is bend and flex to care for our furry loved ones. Life changes. A responsible pet parent understand that no matter the change there is always room for the furry loved ones. 

Having animals is a lifetime commitment. No matter what, there are always choices. I may not always live in the ideal area due to places I rent that allow my dogs. However, I am always loved and protected wherever I go. 

Ask the husband, who is number one in our house. He will tell you, the animals are. Also, I care for my animals as best as I can. I will go without before they do, as well as do anything to make sure they are happy, cared, conformable, and safe. After all, they have limited choices, and I am the parent that promised to love and care for them always, no matter if I move or stay in one location. 

No matter the age, the size of the home is not important. The most important is to provide enough exercise and potty opportunities. Of course, as the dog or puppy becomes older, living in a small space becomes easier, as well as the need to go outside to potty becomes less often. Even a dog that has lived outside for years can learn to live inside with the family. Matter of fact, most dogs that have had to endure being alone outside often times are more grateful for being inside with a person or family. The secrets are to be patient and positive training, even a old dog can learn new tricks. Please remember the pack to a puppy or dog is family. The pack can be as small as two, you and the puppy or dog. Even dogs are heartbroken and suffer beyond a person imagination when the pack (family) abandons the puppy or dog for any reasons. Often times the puppy or dog struggles to trust and find a true family again. So, please encourage someone to keep his or her furry loved one, no matter the situation. If you are facing a difficult moment, talk to someone, seek advice, but never choose abandonment.   

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Do agree furry loved ones are flexible and can change, as well as grow with a person or family as the lifestyles changes? Do you think the furry loved ones should adjust to us or we to them?

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