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Traveling is even better with our furry loved ones

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road trip open please I am ready I have everything I need, Let's go have some fun!!
I have everything I need, Let's go have some fun!!

Traveling With Our Furry Loved Ones, Even the Cat. I love to travel all over the US for work, as well as for pleasure. Whenever I travel, I always bring my furry loved ones, even the cats. 

On rare occasions, I have had people come to my home and care for my furry loved ones when I was unable to take my furry loved ones with me while I traveled. Even in the most strange situations, I have made everything possible to keep my dogs and cats with me, after all they are family. 

I have stayed in trucks, tents, travel trailers, motels and hotels with my furry loved ones. I would have to say the travel trailers then the big hotels were my favorites.

I love the travel trailer, cause I made the rules. I did not have to worry about someone property. I have been blessed, all my animals for the past 30 plus years have not caused any damage while we traveled. I have simple rules set in place to keep the training going, as well as keep everyone happy.

First, I make sure I bring all the creatures comforts for both me and my furry loved ones. 
  1. Water and food bowls
  2. One gal of water per person and animal
  3. Pillows
  4. Blankets
  5. Toys (such as a tennis balls and a rope to play tug of war)
  6. For the dogs one leash each, plus a few extra just in case one leash breaks.
  7. Extra collars (just in case one breaks)
  8. Cat box (if cats are coming on the trip)
  9. Treats ( dog cookies, raw hides, jerky, nuts, and so on)
  10. Some fresh food to last a few days in a ice chest.
Second, I make sure I walk the puppies and dogs every few hours. I take the dogs on a walk right before we go to the hotel or motel to insure they have taken care of dogie business, as well as be on their best behavior. 

The cats are simple. I have never had to use a crate or box. They run free within the SUV or travel trailer (if I am using the trailer). All I have to do is clean the litter box. Give fresh food and water. 

The only trick with kittens or cats is to make sure you keep them inside were you plan to stay. For cats to adjust and know a area, the process takes two to three weeks. I have found cats love to travel and get excited after a few times. Just as the dogs, the cats too know there is something exciting happening when I start packing the travel bags.

I have found no matter the town or city there is always a hotel or motel that allows pets. Some of the best motels and hotels did not even charge a extra fee. 

Also, even some hotels and motels that do not care for large dogs has allowed mine to stay after I have showed how well behaved my dogs and puppies can be in public places. I always stand up for my dogs, allow the motel or hotel staff to meet them, and I have never had trouble finding a place to stay in the past.

Where I stay is not important. Having my furry loved ones with me is my priority. I will stay in my vehicle before every leaving my furry loved ones behind. Of course,  even the dogs agree staying in a big fancy hotel with nice beds and sound proof walls, floors, and ceilings is always best. 

Also, staying at a cheap motel can be a sleepless night due to the dogs waking with every little sound the motel and people make within the motel. So, in some cases the truck is a much better option. 

I love to travel with my puppies and dogs because they also serve as great protectors. When you have five large dogs and a few cats, it is the perfect excuse not to pickup hitchhikers along the way. Sorry, no room, beside Kujo does not care to share his space. Nothing personal. Of course most people stay away when they see my Bullies and Shepard mixes. Not to often I am asked for a ride, then again not to often I go even down the street to the store without my dogs. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs and puppies in need.

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Do you travel with your furry loved ones? If so Where? 

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