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Abandonment of a furry love one of any form takes a heartless person

Picture Credit to One Green Planet
dog abandon at a shelter No life should ever suffer such torment and sorrow.
No life should ever suffer such torment and sorrow.

Life is difficult for all. We face challenges everyday of our lives. Even animals, such as dogs face the same challenges of life, as well as heartache and depression.

One Green Planet (OGP) reports, a pup is abandoned by her pet parent and left at the Haley Graves Foundation. The pups name is June. According to One Green Planet, June was overcome by depressing when her pet parent abandon her. She stayed frozen in the corner of her cage, unsure where she was at or why? Also, June had no one she could trust (OGP). The one person in the world that she trusted just left her behind without a second thought.

According to One green planet, June was  not cared for by her former pet parent. June had heartworms and was not microchip. The staff suspects, June had never seen a vet prior to her being abandon.

Yet, through love, medical care, and attention of the staff in a matter of a few days June broke her depression and appears to be hopeful for the future (OGP).

  Picture credited to One Green Planet
Haley Graves Foundation is caring for June while she prepared to become adoptable. A much happier June.
Haley Graves Foundation is caring for June while she prepared to become adoptable. A much happier June.

After June goes through the heart worm treatment, as well as recovers emotionally, she will be available for adoption (OGP). June being available for adoption will be some time due to the heartworm treatment.

All animals feel physical and emotional aspects of life, especially dogs. June is a classic example the depression and emotional pain that is caused when a pet parent decides to abandon the animal. Thankfully, this pet parent found a foundation to throw her furry loved one away too, not all animals are so lucky.

My heart breaks and my stomach sickens knowing there are animals that are facing such heartache and terror without the love of family. When I first adopted Bojangles he was thrilled I saved him. I suspect, I am not his first re-homing pet parent. Because, when I  and Sir. Duke (my personal baby at that time) left for three days to attend school, my Bojangles went into a deep depression. He refuse to eat or go outside to the bathroom. All he wanted to do is be with me and Sir. Duke. He waited at the window for me to returned. So, I made a choice to be with my Bojangles.

I thought that Bojangles would be fine without me during the week, because I had plan to come home on the weekends. Nope, I was very wrong. Depression set in Bojangles the moment I left the driveway.

When I dropped out college and came home. My Bojangles celebrated my return. He ate and has never had a potty accident in the house since. I was told he became very depressed, and nothing made him happy, not even the other dogs I left behind to be with him.

Yes, I could had kept going and ignored Bojangles needs. After all I did leave him in the care of my loving husband and his new furry family. Yet, I too could not be without him. All I could think about in lecture classes was how terrible of a pet parent I was to leave him only after six short months of adopting him. I rather sacrifice and face a different future than be without or cause harm to any of my animals.

Even if a person does not take the time to observe how actions affect the furry loved ones for the good and bad, they are very much so influenced by the pet parent choices.

I have decided to start my own adventure of blogging, so I may work with Bojangles daily. Just like any adventures, we must sacrifice. Yet, just as I, Bojangles rather sacrifice living large to be with me and create our own path. In which we can walk together and never be left behind.

Some people should not be pet parents, specially if they are not willing to care for the animal and toss them to the side when they become ill, such as June.

June is a living example when there is life that has a breath, eyes, brain, and heart, there are emotions good or bad. Life is hard, the sweet moments come when we can be with the ones we loved and who love us. 

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