Thursday, February 16, 2017

​Being a spectator at a dog fight is not a crime that has real punishments!

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Say no to all who are involved in Dog-fighting!
Say no to all who are involved in Dog-fighting!
If we stop the flow of money from the spectators, we stop dog fighting operations.

"California is one of the last remaining states to not come down fully on the sick business of dog fighting. Most states have not just cracked down on those running dogfights, they are going after those who attend. This helps stop the flow of money that keeps dog fighters in business. Without money for profit, this cruel “sport” stands a far greater chance of dying out completely.

While it is a felony to breed and possess a dog for the purpose of fighting in California, spectators receive a misdemeanor, with pretty mild consequences: very rarely, they can be jailed for up to one year. More often, they face fines up to $5,000. Bear in mind -- $5,000 is a petty sum to these gamblers, who are known to wage far larger amounts of money on a single fight.

We are calling on the California state legislature to join with the many other states that have strengthened their dog-fighting punishments, and make spectating at a dogfight a felony crime.

Making spectating a felony would increase the maximum jail time to 3 years, and the fine would increase tenfold, up to $50,000. This would help take spectators out of the stands at these fights, because the risk would finally outweigh the reward. With your help, we can make a difference."

Join me and sign the petition taking the major support away from the dog fighters, the spectators.

When we can create tough laws with harsh punishments for the spectators will be a huge, if not final step to ending dog fighting and dogs from suffering and dying inhumane deaths.  

I am shocked not all states, such as California have laws to punish the spectators. Soon that will end. Soon any participation in dog-fighting, such as being a witness will be a felony. After all, a person is guilty by association, special if they witness animals being treated inhumanly and forced to fight.

Careing is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and eduation, while helping to find puppies and dogs homes.

Tell me what is on your mind. Do you agree that spectators should be prosecuted as well as the dog fighters? If no, why?

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