Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Four puppies are left in the middle of a road that is freshly tarred

Picture credited to Foxnews.com
Sad people can be heartless.....dogs left in fresh tar
Sad people can be heartless.....
Fox News health reports, a city in the north-eastern Romanian region of Moldavia four puppies were forced in the middle of the road where there was fresh tar. The puppies struggled to get themselves out of the tar. According to the report the puppies were found in critical condition.  According the report the authorities are still looking for the person or persons that has done this cruel crime against these puppies.

Surprising enough the puppies are still alive. My dad was a roofer. I know how a small amount of hot tar can hurt and burn for hours. Having tar plashed on the skin is extremely painful. I could only imagine how painful it was for the puppies to have to walk and crawl through the tar. I have heard removing the tar is more painful as well.

I hope the authorities ketch the people and bring justice for the puppies.

I wonder what plans life has for these puppies. Whatever the plans they must have a higher purpose.

Perhaps, the North-eastern part of Romanian should be avoided by tourist. If the people do not have heart for these puppies, imagine what they could do to a tourist they dislike.

People such as the ones that did this to the puppies must be brought to justice not just for the puppies, but for all that is right in  the world.

Amazingly Fox News Health reports, the puppies will be adoptable next week. Perhaps, these puppies will have a bittersweet ending in a forever loving home soon.

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Tell me what is on your mind. Is this story shocking and heartbreaking?

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