Thursday, February 23, 2017

​​​​​Happy Ending Dog Rescue is caught abusing and neglecting 41 dogs.

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Dogs at HEAR kept in a dirty room We are suppose to save these animals not put them in worse conditions
We are suppose to save these animals not put them in worse conditions
"​ASPCA "BREAKING: ASPCA Assists in Removal of 41 Dogs from “Happy Endings Animal Rescue” Near Nashville" reports, forty-one dogs were found at Happy Ending Animal Rescue center in  Madison, Tennessee abused and neglected.

According to the ASPCA report, the animals were living in a house that was not cared for as well as the dogs.

The ASPCA reports the floors in the house was covered in feces. One room held twenty-two dogs. The report also reveals the dogs had medical issues, were starved, had no access to food and water, and several were not spayed or neutered.

Happy Ending Animal Rescue center in Tennessee was a true house of horror. The condition were the same as you would find with a typical hoarder that did not have funds or the ability to care for the animals properly.
The ASPCA is correct, what Happy Ending Animal Rescue has done to the dogs is heartbreaking. Happy Ending Animal Rescue was meant to save lives. Yet, they caused more terror, suffering, and emotional damage to dogs that were already in need.  

There is no forgiveness for Happy Ending Animal Rescue. This organization needs to have their license revoked and be permanently shut down. Who needs enemies when there is friends such as Happy Ending Animal Rescue.

I am sickened and heartbroken knowing there is organizations such as PETA, Happy Ending Dog Rescue, and Happy Ending Animal rescue collecting money, saying they are helping the animals, yet in reality they are abusing, neglecting, abandoning, and killing the animals they claim to be saving.

Before we give money to any organization or person we must check and see what our investments will provide. Also, we must continue evaluate to see what our contribution are providing or not providing as we have seen in the Happy Ending Animal Rescue case.

No matter what, we need to be the voice for the animals that are need of rescuing. Our support does not stop when they are safe in a rescue center. We must insure the animals are treated with love and kindness until the achieve a forever loving home.

I notice rescue organizations tend to care for the animals better when they know the public is watching and supporting the animals.

Also, we need better laws to prosecute individuals  and organizations. We need real laws that protect all animals as well as deter the crimes.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for puppies and dogs in need.

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Do agree organization such as PETA that claim to help animals and people should be held accountable for harmful actions?

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